Toyota makes CarPlay and Alexa standard in the 2020 Prius

Toyota has revealed Apple CarPlay will come as standard in all of its 2020 Prius models, along with Alexa and its Safety Connect system. Back in May, Toyota said the plug-in Prius Prime would include CarPlay and Alexa in the 2020 model, but it's expa...

Toyota fixed the Takata airbag in two popular cars – now it’s recalling them again

Toyota is recalling 191,000 cars for a second airbag replacement, having discovered that the Takata replacement first installed could itself be faulty. The double recall impacts cars both in North America and Japan, and among some of Toyota’s most popular models. In the US, the recall affects approximately 135,000 vehicles. That includes certain 2003-2008 model year Toyota Corolla cars, along … Continue reading

Retro-rageous Land Cruiser pickup rolls the Outback complete with fuzzy dice

The build includes front and rear winches

As capable as it is, the all-new Patriot X1-N camping trailer is not capable of transporting itself to camp. It still needs a tow partner, and Patriot figures not just any old truck or 4x4 will do. So it secures the camper's Cruisemaster hitch to the all-new Land Cruiser-based Desert Ops Supertourer. As delightfully retro as the limited edition X1-N Desert Ops, the new Supertourer offers just the right blend of torque, cushion, utility and aggressive, dingo-spooking jewelry to pull the heavy-duty trailer (or whatever you're towing) anywhere it wants to go.

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Land Cruiser 4×4-equipped Toyota camper van grows with pop-out tent

The Bus 4x4 Hiace Commuter camper van is like an automotive swag

Straying from the hard-sided pop-out expansion modules we've seen on the likes of the Westfalia James Cook, RP Rebel Slide and Pinnacle Finetza, a new Toyota camper van from Australia's Bus 4x4 relies on a simpler solution: a drop-down expansion tent. The tent hangs off the tailgate, providing a breezier camping experience and pulling the bed farther back to open up the living area. A powerful 4x4 system borrowed from the Land Cruiser Prado completes a camper van that can travel to remote, rugged lands and live large once there.

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Modular Toyota camper van brilliantly bridges city life and outdoor adventure

The Crosscamp is built to enable the perfect escape from city life

The newest member of the Hymer family, Germany's Crosscamp seeks to extend city dwellers' footprints into surrounding mountains, beaches and forests. And we're betting its sporty, compact camper van of the same name will be successful at doing it. Based on the Toyota Proace Verso, this sub-5-m (16.4-ft) camper van transports, sleeps and feeds four people, readily switching over to a cargo van or seven-seat people-mover. Use it to move across town one weekend, take the kids and their friends to football practice during the week, and venture out on an extended road trip the following weekend.

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Lexus GXOR Concept brings deep luxury to the deep off-road

Journeying through the known and unknown with the Lexus GXOR Concept

The Lexus GX isn't the first vehicle you think of when "off-road" or "overlanding" come to mind, but as a gussied up Toyota Land Cruiser Prado with full-time four-wheel drive, body-on-frame construction and Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, it has no need to be shy in the dirt. Add to that all the cabin comfort of a true Lexus, and you have a vehicle that's comfortable for the long haul, whether driving on-road, off-road or on an overland trip involving both. The new GXOR Concept builds on that intrinsic capability to get the GX ready for all-out cross-continental journeys.

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Toyota robots to let people enjoy the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in a new way

Japan is most famous for its sushi, anime, and, of course, robots so it’s only natural that those will have a big presence in next year’s biggest international sports events. It’s also not surprising that Toyota, who has branched its robotics out into the mobility market is playing a big role in mixing the 2020 Olympics and robots. Don’t expect … Continue reading

The 2020 Toyota Supra is finally here

The 2020 Toyota Supra has gone on sale in the US, with the fifth-generation coupe finally arriving at dealerships. Toyota had been teasing fans – new and old – with the long-anticipated car’s configurator for some time now, but the 2020 Supra is now actually available to order. First out the gate is the 2020 Supra Launch Edition. That will … Continue reading