ASUS ROG Phone 2 beats Galaxy Note 10 to Qualcomm’s next big chip

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus will power the second edition of ASUS’ heavy-metal gaming phone, ASUS ROG Phone 2. What’s that mean for the gaming phone world? It means a whole lot, if you’re the sort of gamer that’s all about the newest and most powerful gaming hardware. According to ASUS, this will be the first phone in the world … Continue reading

Pokemon GO Guaranteed Shiny Eevee and over 1-million XP

What’s that, a guaranteed Shiny Eevee? There’s a way in which you’re going to get maximum experience points this week in Pokemon GO, and it’s got just a BIT to do with Armored Mewtwo. This newest Pokemon in the mix has the ability to bring one massive amount of EXP on its own, but with the combination of elements available … Continue reading

Cheapest Galaxy Note 10 still has two surprising pluses

This morning we were taking a look at our latest set of pre-release date Galaxy Note 10 details (read: rumors and tips) and happened upon a revelation. The future was right before our eyes, and it wasn’t even a feature that hadn’t popped up on a phone before. In fact, it’ll appear on the base model! The most basic future-proofing … Continue reading

Armored Mewtwo weakness, counters for Pokemon GO today

Armored Mewtwo weaknesses in Pokemon GO are much the same as the original Mewtwo – it’s just the amount of hammering you’ll need to do that’s changed. The three types you’ll want to concentrate on are Bug, Ghost, and Dark. This does not necessarily count out a Pokemon that’s not primarily that type, it only suggests that you should seek … Continue reading

Your next 3 iPhones

This week a pair of leaks and/or insider analysis reveals essentially made the case for Apple’s next several major iPhone releases. What’s different about these bits of information from the normal day-to-day leak is their relative un-interesting nature. The tipped iPhone changes don’t seem very far-fetched, and not particularly world-shaking in the grand scheme of things – which makes them … Continue reading

Strava Relive breakup official: he said, she said

Both Strava and Relive have made statements on their recent breakup, suggesting that the other was the one that was at fault. According to Relive, they worked with Strava and followed Strava’s recent takedown request – but were blocked from the API nonetheless. Strava said Relive was simply abusing its API. Bicycle rides recorded in Strava will not, from this … Continue reading

Pokemon GO: Armored Mewtwo released: The essential details

Today we’re diving in DEEP with the best Pokemon GO Pokemon since inception – Armored Mewtwo! This Pokemon was released on July 11, 2019, and appeared ONLY in Five Star Raid Battles. Today we’re looking not only at the release timing and the surface-level details, we’re diving deep, into the code! Here you’ll find ALL the information you’ll ever need … Continue reading

US Commerce eases Huawei trade restrictions with mixed messages

Huawei’s newest fate inside US borders was mentioned in a set of remarks delivered this week by U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur L. Ross. This set of remarks was made at the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) Annual Conference on Export Controls and Security, Tuesday, July 9, 2019. In these remarks, it’s made clear that Huawei’s spot on the Entity … Continue reading