iPhone 11 Pro Max: Details on the most extravagant iPhone ever

Today we’re looking at the most expensive, large, and extravagant iPhone ever released, the iPhone 11 Pro Max. This device was first revealed by Apple earlier this week as one of two iPhone 11 Pro models, the other without the “Max” in the title, sporting a slightly smaller display. The iPhone 11 Pro Max has a 6.5-inch display, three cameras … Continue reading

First 19x Pokemon GO Gen 5 Pokemon releases revealed

Pokemon GO will launch several Generation 5 (Gen V) Pokemon (from the Unova region) all at once this month. Early clues and codes in the game suggest that we’ve got the first 19 Pokemon from Unova ready to roll, some Shiny, some not-so-shiny, all of them super cute. Let’s have a peek at what we’ve got coming up first, starting … Continue reading

PopSockets just made a knob for your beverage can

Easily one of the most Millennial companies in the world, PopSockets, just revealed a new sort of knob accessory for devices outside the mobile smart device market. The first PopSocket was a knob with a top that stuck to the back of a smartphone in order to keep headphone cords wrapped. Now the company is worth a couple hundred million … Continue reading

Google Pixel 4 camera may out-magic iPhone 11 Pro

The Google Camera 7.0 leak we’re looking at today suggests that the Google Pixel 4 will have several new features from the get-go. This newest leak suggests that the features we’ve just seen revealed for the iPhone 11 Pro may give Apple a run for its money. These features for Pixel 4 include – but are not limited to – … Continue reading

iPhone 11 two-way charging may be inside, but disabled

Earlier this year the iPhone 11 series was rumored to have access to two-way charging via its backside wireless charging panel. This system was rumored to work with Qi-standard technology, much like earlier iterations of the iPhone – the first generations with wireless charging tech. Today an insider tip suggests that the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max … Continue reading

Huawei’s iPhone 11 Pro retort is beyond weird

Huawei’s Honor brand posted a strange subtweet this week just after Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro event. In this social media post on Twitter, Honor India (@HiHonorIndia) suggested that “Pro photography shouldn’t cost an [arm] and a [leg]. Or a kidney.” As you’ll see in the image below, they used emoji imagery to illustrate their point. The post made by Honor … Continue reading

Deoxys Pokemon GO raid tricks and types to avoid

Raid Boss Deoxys in Pokemon GO is one of the beefiest Pokemon in the game when it comes to defending its turf. We took a look at the Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO when going up against Deoxys of several sorts earlier this week. Now we’re looking at which tricks and selections of monsters you’ll want to avoid. Pokemon that … Continue reading

Google Photos prints with CVS and Walmart: Ordering details

Today we’re looking at Google Photos latest update that includes new collaboration with CVS and Walmart for photo prints. Google Photos has access to soft and hard-cover books as well as prints of photos at “11,000 locations with print centers across the U.S.” as of this week. As it is with any photo printing service via your phone or computer, … Continue reading