OnePlus TV will launch in a single market at first

OnePlus has always painted itself as somewhat of an industry rebel. With a slogan like “Never Settle”, it challenged the mobile market status quo and launched a premium flagship smartphone with a price to die for. It now wants to do the same for what it bills as a stagnating TV industry. The rules of the game, however, are slightly … Continue reading

OnePlus 7T Pro could launch globally with 5G later this year

With the Galaxy Note 10 out of the way, news about future smartphones are starting to flow in. LG already started teasing its IFA 2019 bet while the Motorola One Zoom has already been fully leaked. Now OnePlus isn’t going to be left behind and even has its own smart TV in the works. But perhsp more interesting to smartphone … Continue reading

OnePlus TV is real and coming soon but its logo is the first to arrive

It seems the trend among smartphone makers is to try their hands at expanding their screens and expanding into the smart TV market. Huawei subsidiary Honor has just revealed its Honor Vision and, not to be outdone, OnePlus is about to do the same. It has now practically confirmed the existence of its first TV products but, without actually divulging … Continue reading

OnePlus 7T Pro is two months away but sounds pretty boring

Samsung’s announcement of the Galaxy Note 10 has kicked off the season of flagship phones for the second half of 2019. Next month, we’ll be seeing new phones not just from the likes of LG and Huawei but even Apple’s next gen iPhones. One OEM, however, is opting to stay away from the flood of news but will apparently still … Continue reading

The Galaxy Note 10+ vs. the competition: The behemoth gets bigger

The Galaxy Note originally distinguished itself by being a big phone for people who needed to get things done. But, with so many flagship handsets bearing huge screens and better cameras (including the S10+), the Note was starting to look like an als...

The Galaxy Note 10 vs. the competition: Smaller screen

For its first few iterations it was easy for the Galaxy Note line to stand apart from other handsets. But as phones have gotten bigger and more advanced, the things that made the Note special have become fewer and fewer. In fact, last year there was...