Motorola One Vision release confirms Android R

Motorola just confirmed that their brand new smartphone Motorola One Vision will get an “up to date OS” and security updates for three years. In the sub-print, the legal disclaimers for the phone in a public announcement for said phone, they confirmed the following. The phone initially launched on Android 9 Pie this week “and will receive OS upgrades to … Continue reading

Motorola One Vision leak leaves nothing to the imagination

It seems that Motorola may not be that keen on launching a premium phone this half of the year. Naturally, we’re all just hanging on to whatever mid-range or even entry-level product it is rumored to have in the works. One of the most persistent in rumors is the Motorola One Vision and, at least based on this nearly comprehensive … Continue reading

Motorola One Vision leak shows Android One phone’s two colors

Ready for a Pixel 3a breather? Google’s new mid-range phones may be the center of attraction this week but they’re hardly the only option if you want a pure, vanilla Android experience. Of course, Google has been throwing exclusive features into its Pixel phones but if you’re not into that, another option might be coming next week. Motorola’s One Vision … Continue reading

Moto Z4 will try to stand out by being traditional

Folding screens, notches, punch-holes, sliders, popups, 5x to 10x zoom, quad-cameras, and button-less seamless bodies. These are the highlights that many phones and their makers throw around these days to promote their products. While not exactly bad, one can sometimes feel inundated by all these fancy features when all they want and need is a solid, “normal” phone. If there … Continue reading