The Motorola One Action doesn't want you shooting vertical video

The Motorola One Action is a mid-range phone with a difference

It's easier to film and view video on a mobile when it's in a vertical rather than a landscape orientation, but it looks very odd on sites like YouTube. The new Motorola One Action offers a compromise – shoot landscape footage while holding the phone in portrait mode.

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Motorola One Action’s camera takes a twisted view on video

Motorola has a new phone on the horizon, and this time, the rear cameras are the main focus. Dubbed the Motorola One Action, this is home to an ultra-wide angle action camera that has some pretty neat tricks up its sleeve. As with many of Motorola’s recent phones, its price severely uncuts flagships as well, potentially making it a good … Continue reading

Moto Z2 Force 5G Moto Mod support confirms end of the line

Motorola is expected to launch at least two more “One” smartphones within the next few months but their existence might hint at the end of the company’s Z series. Although the Moto Z4 did launch just last May, it was far from being a flagship contender in 2019. In terms of the Z family, the rugged “Force” series often carries … Continue reading

Motorola One Zoom rumor brings a mixed bag of features

The Galaxy Note 10 is understandably the smartphone that’s hogging all the attention right now but other companies are also warming up their engines, especially with IFA 2019 approaching. Unless you consider the Moto Z4 the pinnacle of its smartphone line, Motorola has yet to actually launch a commendable premium model for 2019. It might have not one but two … Continue reading

Motorola One Zoom is the One Pro that hasn’t yet arrived

Today might be Samsung’s day but that’s not going to stop the news about other manufacturers from trickling in. Especially those from companies who have yet to actually launch a notable flagship 8 months into the year. Motorola seems to be moving its focus away from the Z line to its “One” brand. While the so-called Motorola One Action has … Continue reading

Motorola One Action details leaked once again

While most of the attention these days is being spent on the Galaxy Note 10, that doesn’t mean other OEMs are taking things sitting down. Some OEMs, like LG, are already hinting at what’s to come next month. While Motorola itself remains silent, the rumors and leaks about its next phone are the ones doing the talking for it. The … Continue reading