When to watch tonight’s Friday the 13th Harvest ‘micromoon’

Skygazers across the US will have the rare opportunity to view a ‘micromoon’ tonight, the earliest viewing times starting in the Pacific time zone with other following. The micromoon will happen on a notable date — Friday the 13th, making it a fun coincidence for most people. If you miss seeing the moon tonight, you won’t get the chance to … Continue reading

ISRO confirms loss of contact with Vikram lunar lander

The Indian Space Research Organization has confirmed that it lost contact with the Vikram lunar lander, bringing an end to what would have been a historic landing near the Moon’s south pole. The loss of contact took place after the Vikram lander started its descent, which was described as normal and ‘as planned’ ahead of the anomaly. Just before 5 … Continue reading

Indian moon orbiter releases Vikram lander

Last month the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully put its Chandrayaan-2 orbiter into orbit around the moon. The two halves of the orbiter have now separated in preparation for the Vikram lander portion of the spacecraft touching down on the surface of the Moon. The separation of the two portions of the spacecraft happened yesterday. The orbiter will continue … Continue reading

NASA BIG Idea Challenge seeks tech to explore Moon’s darkest areas

NASA wants to explore the darkest regions of the Moon, but it’ll need technology that enables it to study these areas. To expedite the development of those exploration tools, NASA has announced its latest BIG Idea Challenge, one that asks university teams to submit proposals detailing their ideas for technology that would enable this type of Moon activity. The Moon’s … Continue reading

NASA asks US space companies to step up for Artemis cargo runs

NASA is seeking American space companies that will make cargo runs to the lunar Gateway as part of the space agency’s Artemis program. In a statement this week, NASA revealed that it has issued a Request for Proposals, which will give these companies a chance to propose their services for delivering supplies, science experiments, and cargo destined for the Moon. … Continue reading