Sony’s self-driving ‘Sociable Cart’ delivers mixed-reality inside, ads outside

Sony's Sociable Cart SC-1 -- the autonomous vehicle-cum-party bus designed for theme parks and golf courses -- has finally landed. Launching in Japan's Kanucha Bay Resort in Nago City, and the Botanical Garden in Okinawa City, the pilot scheme kicks...

Japanese airline’s robots could let the elderly ‘travel’ from home

If your inability to travel prevents you from embarking on a dream vacation, a robot might one day stand in your place. Japan's All Nippon Airways has unveiled plans to deploy 1,000 "Newme" telepresence robots as surrogates for people whose health pr...

Society 5.0: Japan’s plan to take civilization to the next level

You’ve heard of Web 2.0 and perhaps even the Web 3.0 that browser maker Opera loves talking about. But have you ever heard of Society 5.0, much less the previous versions that came before it? No, it’s not a hot new piece of software but Japan’s trendy label for what historians often refer to as “ages”. With Society 5.0, the … Continue reading

ANA Avatar-in lets you “teleport” to places using robots

As one of Japan’s major airlines, All Nippon Airways or ANA knows just how many people wish they could go places easily. It also knows just how much that travel is beyond the reach of most people, even when it is necessary to reach out to or help a loved one. That is why parent company ANA Holdings is developing … Continue reading

Sony Xperia 8 is good news your next smartphone

The Sony Xperia 8 was revealed today for Japan – but it’s good news for you, too. Even if you’re living in the United States and will never see this smartphone in person, nor (of course) hold this phone in your hand – it’s good news. Because with this phone we have confirmation that Sony hasn’t given up hope in … Continue reading