Minecraft Earth builds on the real world with augmented reality

Minecraft Earth is a new augmented reality mobile game from Microsoft, which brings the blocky construction ...

Augmented reality (AR) technology has come a long way since Pokémon Go launched in 2016, and now one of the biggest games of the last decade is joining the ranks. Microsoft has announced Minecraft Earth, an upcoming mobile game that brings the blocky construction set into the real world.

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Wirecutter’s best deals: Mackie CR3 computer speakers drop to $67

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Instagram killing another feature: Should I just quit?

Instagram announced the death of another feature this week, not long after rumors surfaced of the axing of public likes. This is just the latest in a line of changes for Instagram, an app and company that’s coming closer and closer to its parent company, Facebook. I quit using Facebook a few months ago for all but the rarest family … Continue reading

Steam Link iOS app returns for real this time

Apple is being criticized, even sued, for holding its App Stores so tightly to the point of being anti-competitive. Of course, it rightfully owns that App Store and until something drastic changes, what it says goes and app developers have no choice but to find ways to compromise. That seems to be the situation Valve found itself in last year … Continue reading

Pay with crypto at Whole Foods, Gamestop and other retailers

It's been difficult to spend cryptocurrencies at retail due to the technical and regulatory headaches associated with it, but that might not be an issue at some stores in the near future. Flexa has launched a payment network and a companion iOS app,...

Apple: The App Store isn’t a monopoly ‘by any metric’

This morning, the Supreme Court decided to allow iPhone owners to proceed with a lawsuit against Apple. The plaintiffs claim that Apple has a monopoly through the App Store. Apple tried to argue that developers are the ones who pay Apple's commission...

Apple Pay will support NFC stickers on scooters and parking meters

Apple is reportedly working on a new NFC feature that will allow iPhone users to make Apple Pay purchases by tapping special, NFC-equipped tags. That means retailers won't need bulky terminals, and iPhone users won't need to download a third-party ap...

Smartphones are finally getting smart, but at whose expense?

The latest Android update made it clear: Smartphones are, at last, getting smart. The intelligence we’ve craved for the past decade is essentially on our doorstep. This might be the most significant several years in the history of mobile smart devices. But most people won’t even notice. It’ll be through updates like the one we’re talking about today that smartphones … Continue reading