Microsoft has a brighter future in mobile computing with Windows on ARM than x86

Rumors about a Surface with an ARM processor has fans both excited and skeptical. That wouldn’t be Microsoft’s first dance with ARM, not even its first ARM-based Surface computer. In almost all cases since the first Surface, Windows on ARM has ended up being a disappointment. It is almost as if the computing gods were sending Microsoft a not so … Continue reading

Intel and the auto industry pen first safety rules for self-driving cars

Intel and a team of automotive companies have teamed up to create new guidelines for autonomous vehicles. The intention of the "Safety First Automated Driving" paper, published today, is to establish a framework of universal safety principles that al...

Huawei laptops get Microsoft and Intel commitment but it’s not all good news

With Huawei devices teetering on the edge of digital purgatory after the US government’s ban, those with one of the company’s laptops are getting a little reassurance from Microsoft about Windows. The focus on Huawei’s problems after being added to a Chinese trade blacklist by the Trump Administration has generally been around its smartphone business, which has rapidly gained worldwide … Continue reading

Microsoft’s dual-screen tablet could run Android apps

Microsoft could release a radically different Surface as early as the first half of 2020. Rumors about a dual-screen tablet have been circulating since last year, and the company reportedly showed a similar device to employees earlier this month. Now...

USA gains ground in supercomputer world rankings

The Department of Energy's IBM supercomputer Summit holds the top spot, with a maximum recorded performance ...

The USA has gained ground in the world supercomputer rankings, with 116 supercomputers listed among the top 500 most powerful in the world. This is up from 109 in November 2018. China continues to dominate the list in terms of the number of installed supercomputers, with 219 top-500 supercomputers, though this is down from 227.

.. Continue Reading USA gains ground in supercomputer world rankings

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Intel Performance Maximizer released: Overclocking made super easy

Users of the latest round of Intel processors will be able to make use of the Intel Performance Maximizer (IPM) as of this afternoon. Today the download for this system was released by Intel as promised earlier this year at Computex 2019. Users will be able to safely and reliably overlock their 9th-gen Intel Core desktop processors at will – … Continue reading