Intel discontinues its processors with AMD graphics

If you suspected Intel processors with AMD graphics weren't long for this world, you guessed correctly. Intel has discontinued its Core i7 processors based on Kaby Lake-G, explaining to chip buyers that market interest has "shifted to other Intel pro...

Intel has quietly axed its weird combo chips with AMD graphics

Intel’s oddball Kaby Lake-G chip collaboration with AMD is being axed, with the combo CPU and Radeon GPU product failing to catch the attention of laptop-makers. Announced back in late 2017, Kaby Lake-G came as an unexpected surprise: an 8th Gen Core processor from Intel, paired with custom AMD Radeon graphics, all in a single chip. While the CPU and … Continue reading

Apple’s Sidecar feature only works on newer Macs

On Monday, Apple released macOS Catalina, the latest major update to its desktop operating system. Going into the update, a lot of Mac owners were excited for a feature called Sidecar. If you haven't following the development of Catalina, Sidecar all...

Microsoft needs Windows to succeed on ARM

Microsoft’s big 2019 event is just a few hours away and, thanks to some leaks, there are a lot of expectations coming into the Surface press conference. Even if it doesn’t announce the fabled dual-screen Surface, a.k.a. codename “Centaurus”, Microsoft will still make headlines if it does announce an ARM-powered Surface 2-in-1 tablet. This will hardly be Microsoft’s first dance … Continue reading

Intel Cascade Lake X surprise price drop preempts AMD November launch

With media and the industry covering AMD’s almost triumphant return to the CPU arena, there is undoubtedly no small amount of pressure on Intel to respond in kind. Perhaps relieved that AMD delayed the launch of its 16-core Ryzen processor to November, Intel saw an opportunity to steal the spotlight even before AMD has a chance to take center stage. … Continue reading