Pixel 4 cameras made it too easy to spot in the wild again

Many OEMs try their best to prevent their products from leaks, which is pretty impossible this day and age. Phone makers even go through the pains of putting an “anti-leak” case on the device. Unfortunately, such a case does no good when your phone has a distinctive design that makes it stand out even from a distance. Even more unfortunately … Continue reading

Google Pixel 4 camera with telephoto lens, or red herring?

Today we’re taking a peek at some code from the latest version of the Google Camera app for Pixel devices. This app delivers some of the most interesting and powerful photography abilities to the mobile smartphone world – and not just for the devices for which these powers were intended. The Google Pixel 1, 2, and 3 took on the … Continue reading

July Android patches fixes Pixel OK Google detection

Ever since the Stagefright scare that rocked the Android world, Google has religiously been pushing out updates every month. Most of the time, it’s just full of security patches, unsurprising considering they’re monthly security bulletins. This time, however, Google does have a few treats waiting for Pixel phones. And, as usual, Essential is leading the way when it comes to … Continue reading

These Pixel 4 pictures just changed my mind on absurd design

The Google Pixel 4 appeared in an official set of renders from Google last week, and I they threw me for a loop. Today a set of renders of the Pixel 4 appeared from a 3rd-party source, with color and some different angles than I’d seen before – and things have changed. Now that I see the basic structure, the … Continue reading

Google Pixel 3a pays users to sell their phone

Google’s Pixel 3a may be the key to the company spreading beyond the most basic version of a smartphone company – hardware-wise. While it always seemed like Google SHOULD be able to make the best-selling smartphone with Android (since they own Android), it’s never truly come to pass – until now. Now that Google’s adopted a two tiered system, not … Continue reading

Pixel 4 appears in the wild days after Google shares official image

On June 12, Google gave the public an official look at its upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone in excellent quality, confirming some leaks and speculation that had existed in recent weeks. The official image reveals the previously leaked square camera cluster, something we see again in two images captured of the Google Pixel 4 in the wild. Two images of what … Continue reading

Google’s Pixel 4 strategy just made Apple the copycat

For the past several days, the Google Pixel 4 seemed to leak one tiny detail every few hours. The earliest major leak seemed to be a set of 3D renders of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, in part of their glory (not all their glory, as the design details didn’t seem complete). That leak looked really, really familiar … Continue reading