Supercharged Roush Nitemare F-150 trucks are the fastest accelerating

Roush has been building hopped up cars and trucks with more style and performance for years. The company is mostly known for making already fast Mustangs faster, but that isn’t all it does. Roush has a full line of modifications for the Ford F-150 truck, and the Roush Nitemare F-150 is a good example. Like most Roush products, the Nitemare … Continue reading

Ford and VW announce Argo AI deal

Ford and VW have been in talks for months now on possible tie-ups between the two automakers to help reduce the cost of developing new vehicles, among other things. VW and Ford have announced today that VW will be investing in Ford’s autonomous auto division Argo AI. The exact amount of money that VW has invested in Argo AI is … Continue reading

VW will reportedly share its electric car platform with Ford

VW and Ford appear close to formalizing their partnership on EVs and self-driving cars. Reuters sources claim the two have forged an "outline agreement" that will see them ally on more than just commercial vehicles. Most notably, VW would share its...

Ford and VW electric and driverless tech deal reportedly imminent

Volkswagen and Ford have put together a deal to share electric and autonomous car tech for passenger vehicles, sources close to the talks claim, a significant extension of a previously-announced alliance. The two automaker heavyweights confirmed they’d be working together on products back in January, though at the time insisted it was only for commercial customers. That agreement would see … Continue reading

Ford roars into Goodwood with a 700-hp GT for the track

The Ford GT Mk II, built for the track

Ford has rolled into this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed looking to flex some performance muscle with a special edition GT supercar built exclusively for the track. Free of rules and restrictions, the Ford GT Mk II travels a little lighter and lower than its street-going sibling, and also packs considerably more punch for a life off the leash.

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