ASUS ROG Phone 2 teardown reveals one critical flaw

Gaming smartphones are designed for a niche market but many of them actually offer the same high-end features of regular flagships at almost half the price. ASUS’ second stab at that market is perhaps the one exception. Yes, it does have one of the best combination of specs this year but the $900 price tag might scare off some mobile … Continue reading

ASUS ROG Phone 2 durability puts external strength to the test

If you ask people what the best smartphone is this year, they might easily give name a Samsung Galaxy or an Apple iPhone or maybe even a Huawei Mate. Ask them what the most powerful smartphone is, however, and they might stumble a bit. While those premium phones do offer some of the best specs in the market, one phone … Continue reading

ASUS ROG Phone 2 go on pre-order in the US

Gaming smartphones still seem to be a thing, despite how many find the idea of a dedicated smartphone for gaming almost superfluous. At least for ASUS, Black Shark, Red Magic, and, for now, Razer, there is still some promise in that niche mobile market, which is why they keep on putting out new models every year, sometimes even twice a … Continue reading

ASUS’ ProArt StudioBook One is a breathtakingly powerful laptop

You know a company is feeling confident when it has industry-standard benchmarking software pre-installed on its demo PCs. ASUS' new ProArt StudioBook One is the first to offer NVIDIA's class-leading Quadro RTX 6000 pro graphics. And it had Futur...

ASUS IFA 2019 lineup covers laptops, desktops, watches, and a new phone

ASUS showed up at IFA 2019 with a slate of new laptops, desktops, and accessories in tow. Chief among these new devices are perhaps the new machines in ASUS’s ProArt lineup, with ASUS calling the StudioBook One its “most powerful StudioBook ever.” In addition to those, ASUS has also announced a new VivoWatch and a new business laptop in the … Continue reading

GlobalFoundries lawsuit threatens sales bans against Apple, NVIDIA

The competition between semiconductor giants is getting ugly, and it could have an unfortunate impact on many of the devices you buy. GlobalFoundries has sued the Taiwanese firm TSMC for allegedly violating 16 patents tied to its chip production bus...

Android 10 release dates and phone list

A report today suggests Google’s next OS update for smartphones called Android 10, or Android Q, will be released in the first week of September. This schedule fits with the phone list that’s already been in play for the Android Beta program for the software that’s just reached its final Beta earlier this month. All the Google Pixel phones are … Continue reading