California rolls out first earthquake early warning system in the US

California is the first state in the US to introduce an earthquake early warning system. The launch of the system coincides with the 30th anniversary of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, which claimed 63 lives and caused another 3,757 injuries. In addition to delivering traditional emergency alerts, the new system also utilizes a smartphone app. Earthquakes are common in California, … Continue reading

Photoshop CC for iPad may not be what you’re expecting

The “real Photoshop” experience for iPad may not quite be what graphics pros are hoping for, with beta testers of Adobe’s upcoming app warning that some expected features are still missing. Adobe announced Photoshop CC for iPad at its annual Max conference in 2018, promising to take advantage of the hardware capabilities and stylus support in Apple’s iPad Pro tablets. … Continue reading

Google Maps narrows Waze gap with broader incident reporting

Google Maps keeps borrowing features from Waze, and latest to be bundling into the navigation software is an easy way to report road hazards and other events directly from the iPhone app. The new feature allows Google Maps users on iOS to report crashes they pass, along with speed traps and traffic slowdowns, straight from their phone. That’s something Android … Continue reading

Venmo is releasing a credit card because of course it is

Venmo is one of the more popular mobile payment apps out there, and now it seems that it’s going to take things one step further by getting into the credit card business. Today, PayPal – which is Venmo’s parent company – and Synchrony announced that the new credit card will be arriving next year, with Synchrony acting as the issuing … Continue reading

Rocketbook Beacons Review: a unique take on collaboration and planning

As a tech-oriented publication, it’s only natural that the majority of the products, news, and trends we cover revolve around the latest gadgets and apps that proliferate in the modern world. Some people, however, have found not only some utility but even enjoyment in analog tools and workflows, especially the act of writing on paper or on boards. Rocketbook tries … Continue reading

Instagram finally lets you manage third-party app access

Instagram remains one of the most popular image-centric social network today and perhaps the only Facebook property (aside from Oculus) that has remained largely untouched by privacy scandals. Its association to Facebook and its popularity, however, also makes it a prime target for less conscientious people who’d love to pilfer users’ private information at every opportunity. Despite that imminent danger, … Continue reading

Pixel 4 Live Caption will come to Pixel 3 and 3a soon

The Pixel 4 is finally live, not that there were that many surprises left. Of course, reading about those leaked features and actually experiencing them are two very different things. Some of these features are, of course, heavily dependent on the hardware that the Pixel 4 brings to the table but one, in particular, specifically Live Caption, will be spreading … Continue reading

Facebook expands its reward program for data abuse reports

Facebook is broadening its data abuse bounty program to reward more security sleuths. As of today, researchers can earn at least $500 when they find Facebook data vulnerabilities in third-party apps and sites using active penetration tests, not just...