Facebook hires former Vine head for its New Product Experimentation Team

Former Vine boss Jason Toff announced he'll be joining Facebook next. In a Twitter post, Toff shared that he'll be leading Facebook's New Product Experimentation (NPE) Team. Revealed last week, the NPE Team will focus on "entirely new experiences for...

WhatsApp and Telegram hack: Here’s what’s possible

Most users of apps like WhatsApp and Telegram expect their communications to be encrypted and therefore protected, but that doesn’t mean all communications shared through those apps are safe from intrusion. Symantec today published a report in which it details vulnerabilities present in both apps on Android that could potentially allow malicious actors to hijack shared media files and replace … Continue reading

Waze toll prices use crowd power to add up the cost of your trip

Waze is adding toll prices to its navigation guidance, flagging up just how much trips across North America and Israel will actually cost when paid routes are taken into consideration. The new feature is being added from today in the US, Canada, and Israel, and will be able to show an estimated cost of each potential trip in addition to … Continue reading

Rocketbook Fusion offers a reusable notebook for productivity ninjas

Recent trends in the productivity space have made pen and paper more popular and more relevant but even analog fans will admit to some shortcomings in non-digital formats. On the other hand, there are also much-defended benefits to jotting some things by hand. The folks at Rocketbook have worked to bridge the analog and digital divide in new, innovative ways … Continue reading

YouTube Premium can now automatically download recent videos

YouTube Premium, the subscription service offered by YouTube for users who want access to more features, has added the ability to save videos from favorite channels and recent topics for offline viewing. The new feature, which is only available to subscribers, helps users ensure they always have access to the videos that interest them the most. One of YouTube Premium’s … Continue reading

Shoelace is Google’s latest attempt at making a social network that sticks

Google doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to creating successful social networks, but that isn’t going to stop if from trying again anyway. Today the company revealed Shoelace, a new social network centered around finding people with similar interests and meeting in up with them in the real world. In that sense, it almost seems like Shoelace … Continue reading

Apple Watch Walkie Talkie disabled as Apple fixes eavesdropping exploit

If you’re a regular user of the Apple Watch’s Walkie Talkie app, then we’ve got a bit of sour news for you: Apple has temporarily stopped the app from functioning. There’s good reason for that decision, as a bug was discovered that could have potentially allowed others to eavesdrop on Walkie Talkie conversations. If that sounds like a familiar issue, … Continue reading