Snapchat is not private, nor is it safe

This week a report cited multiple sources from Snapchat describing the non-private nature of the apps’ back end. Both iPhone (iOS) and Android versions of the app notwithstanding, Snapchat user data (including Snaps) are accessible with a tool called SnapLion. The SnapLion software is supposedly only accessible by Snapchat employees – but as the rules of the internet state: If … Continue reading

Programmable Mimic Go tracks your stuff, can be a handy bike tail-light too

Mimic Go attaches to a removable magnetic plate in almost any scenario

Mimic Go might look like a bubbly, chubby-version of a tracking tag (which it is) but that's only one of the tricks it has up its red, plastic sleeve. Not only can you track stuff around the world thanks to GPS, LTE-M & eSIM connectivity, but the Mimic Go can help prevent things from going missing in the first place. It can even alert you if someone approaches a room you'd like to keep secure. And light up your ride.

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Google Duo group calling arrives with data saving mode in tow

While instant messaging and chat is probably still the most popular way to communicate with a group of people, some find it more efficient and practical to actually say what they want face to face. Group video calls are definitely better when facial expressions and body language are just as important as the words being said or when you need … Continue reading

Instagram’s IGTV now supports horizontal videos

Instagram’s standalone video platform IGTV finally supports horizontal videos, the company has announced. The video app was, until now, limited to vertical content, which is arguably better suited for mobile devices but overall less popular than landscape orientation. The change is based on feedback from both viewers and creators, according to Instagram, which revealed in a post this week that … Continue reading

Google Pay and Assistant team up to calm your commute

It was more than a year ago that Google started rolling support for transit tickets into Google Wallet, and now it’s looking to further simplify the process of riding public transit. Today, Google announced a new “pay-per-ride” feature for Google Pay, meaning you can use your phone to pay for single-ride tickets instead of buying multi-ride passes ahead of time. … Continue reading

Redact It has me thinking anti-spoiler social network

We live in a cruel world, a world where people find joy in spoiling story endings for others on the internet. They see a movie on release day (or worse yet, pirate a movie), turn around and spew the ending of said movie on the web. Today I’ve been shown a tool that could mitigate internet-based spoilers in a big … Continue reading

Lyft panic button gives riders a way to directly dial 911

Lyft has started rolling out an updated app that adds new safety features designed for riders. Most notable in the update is a new in-app panic button that gives riders the ability to directly call 911 from within the Lyft app. As well, the company will make it easier to see a driver’s license plate number, provide feedback for poor … Continue reading