Red Magic 3 Review : The Gaming Phone Sweet Spot

The Red Magic 3 is a gaming phone made by the company Nubia’s gaming arm. This phone is a gaming machine first, and a smartphone second. It has a relatively large display with no notch and no camera hole, powerful “4D” haptic feedback, front-facing stereo speakers, and a sizable battery. With an approximately $479 starting price, the Red Magic 3 … Continue reading

Huawei ban list and timeline: Google, Microsoft, Android fallout

Today we’re going to run down the effective Huawei ban list, the basics in China-based spy fears, and the fallout. This has a little to do with ZTE, a lot to do with China’s government, and what might be the worst bout of luck a company ever had (with regard to their native country’s timing for a trade war with … Continue reading

Trump declares ‘national emergency’ to make way for Huawei ban

The US government now has some pretext for outright bans on doing business with Chinese telecom firms like Huawei and ZTE. President Trump has signed an executive order declaring a national emergency banning sales and use of telecom equipment that p...

MIT suspends its research partnerships with Huawei and ZTE

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is putting its funding and research ties with Huawei and ZTE on hold due to US investigations against the Chinese companies. The university will also add extra layers of scrutiny to projects and funding linke...

ZTE Axon V concept has cameras bulging from the side, rather than a notch

The last few years have seen smartphone designs quickly evolve from skinny bezels to almost-borderless with a wide notch in the display, to now, where we’re seeing teardrop-shaped notches and hole-punches for cameras. ZTE seems to have come up with the next crazy idea: an Axon V concept with a 3D camera that actually sticks out from the side of … Continue reading

ZTE Blade V10, Axon 10 Pro 5G show the company is far from done

ZTE nearly collapsed completely after the US imposed a strict ban on its access to critical technologies and products it needs for its business. That ban has long been lifted but its survival has always still been in doubt. At MWC 2019, the Chinese manufacturer is putting up its bravest face as it announces its newest mid-range champion as well … Continue reading

nubia Red Magic Mars available now in the US

After a brief flash of popularity, it almost seems like gaming smartphones have become silent, pushed into the background by foldable phones and quadruple cameras. To prove that isn’t the case, nubia’s Red Magic brand has just announced the global availability of the Red Magic Mars gaming smartphone. Previously available only in China, you can now grab a hot gaming … Continue reading