Xbox Live issue prevents gamers from downloading and purchasing games

A number of websites and services have experienced issues today, including the multi-hour outage over at Reddit this morning followed by a brief outage at Twitter. Microsoft is among the companies having trouble, in this case with its Xbox services. Though most services remain operational, one is limited, and that’s causing big problems for players who want to download purchased … Continue reading

River City Girls revives an NES cult classic this year

River City Ransom, which launched for the NES here in North America way back in 1990, is something of a cult classic these days. The original game has been remade a number of times for various platforms, but now it appears that we’re getting a sequel from WayForward. Today the company revealed River City Girls, and though it’ll keep the … Continue reading

Beat ’em up revival ‘River City Girls’ arrives September 5th

WayForward thinks it has a simple way to keep the River City formula fresh: reverse the roles. It's releasing River City Girls, a revival of the side-scrolling brawler that has high school girls Kyoko and Misako laying waste to everyone between them...

Cuphead’s Delicious Last Course expansion gets a new trailer and a release delay

A little more than a year ago, Studio MDHR announced an upcoming expansion for Cuphead called The Delicious Last Course. At the time it was announced, Studio MDHR said it was targeting a release date at some point in 2019. We haven’t heard much about The Delicious Last Course in the time since then, but today, Studio MDHR shared some … Continue reading

Xbox Games with Gold for July 2019 includes Castlevania SOTN

Microsoft has finally revealed its Xbox Games with Gold lineup for July 2019, and it includes hit title Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. As expected, the lineup includes two games for the Xbox One and another two games for the Xbox 306, both of which can also be played on the newer console. The games are free for Xbox Live … Continue reading

Microsoft starts public tests for ‘Halo: Reach’ on PC

Halo: Reach is now playable on PC... for a handful of very early adopters. Microsoft and 343 Industries have shared a slew of Master Chief Collection update news, including word that it has started a public test of Reach on Windows PCs that lasts thr...

One Punch Man: “The Hero Nobody Knows” game puts a twist on the popular theme

Superhero content and products are big these days, in no small thanks to the push by Marvel, DC, and other comic books companies. Everyone’s getting into the game, both in the West and even in the East. Of course, you could expect our friends in Japan to give the genre a twist. One of those is One Punch Man which … Continue reading

Xbox Live is still down: Here’s what we know

The Xbox Live service went down around 5PM ET for many players, resulting in reports and acknowledgement from the Xbox team. Via its Xbox Support account, the company said that engineers are working on addressing the issue, but that there’s limited info to share. An hour later, the team said it is still investigating the matter involving error code 0x87DD0006. … Continue reading