GOG Galaxy 2.0 aims to put all your digital games in one place

Competition is supposed to be good, right? It means a bigger selection and better prices, so it's great for consumers. But when the Epic Store launched last December, gamers were pissed. Because it meant their digital games collection was now fragmen...

Microsoft will turn an Xbox Live sub into Game Pass Ultimate for $1

Microsoft has been pushing its Xbox Game Pass service recently, adding new features and confirming it will be expanding to PC. Bargain hunters have been in the know about a special offer for the service since it was announced at E3, but now, the comp...

NBA 2K20 player ratings and Xbox One bundles released in detail, on pre-order now

NBA 2K20 was ushered into existence today by a set of player ratings and the reveal of three bundles. Three new Xbox One bundles were shown NBA 2K20 cover athlete Anthony Davis at a special event hosted by Xbox and the folks at 2K Games “to celebrate what’s next in basketball culture.” Davis showed three models, two for $500, another … Continue reading

Xbox Live issue prevents gamers from downloading and purchasing games

A number of websites and services have experienced issues today, including the multi-hour outage over at Reddit this morning followed by a brief outage at Twitter. Microsoft is among the companies having trouble, in this case with its Xbox services. Though most services remain operational, one is limited, and that’s causing big problems for players who want to download purchased … Continue reading

Xbox Gamertags will now let you use the name you really want

These days, people usually equate “online identity” with things like avatars or bitmojis. At the most basic level, however, an online user is almost always identified by their online handles or nicknames. In the Xbox world, that name is called “Gamertag” and it’s going through a rather major change. Now only will it now let gamers use characters from among … Continue reading

Xbox Games with Gold serves up a puzzle classic in June

A day after Sony revealed the free PlayStation Plus games for June, Microsoft is following suit by announcing its upcoming Games with Gold lineup. As always, there will be four games up for grabs – two for Xbox One and two for Xbox 360 – and there’s at least one very recognizable name in this group. Tell us: How do … Continue reading