Windows 10 will now warn users if their version will soon be unsupported

Even before it had a chance to fully roll out, Windows 10 was already lambasted for how it nagged users to upgrade to Microsoft’s latest but not so greatest. That may now be in the past but it seems that Redmond has found another way to notify users that the version of Windows 10 they’re on will be reaching its … Continue reading

Microsoft is shutting down its internet board and card games

Microsoft has already given users of older Windows versions some not-so-subtle hints that it's time to move on. Now, it's giving them more of a push by removing things dear to their hearts: their board and card games. The software giant is shutting...

GPD Win Max could be a mini laptop and gaming handheld mashup

The netbook renaissance is at hand, that is if you ask at least three Chinese manufacturers. GPD, Chuwi, and One Netbook are currently in a race for the 8-inch mini laptop market but GPD is quite happy to stretch its wings even further. It is already known to be working on a slight refresh of its GPD WIN 2 Windows-based … Continue reading

Here’s the big Stranger Things Microsoft Windows twist

For some strange reason, Microsoft struck a deal with Netflix to cross-promote Windows and Stranger Things Season 3. We’ve covered earlier teasers of this collaboration over the last couple weeks – today we’ve got a bit more information on the ever-more name-dropping brand-promoting streaming sci-fi horror adventure show Stranger Things and their future dealings with the big M. It’s strange … Continue reading

Snapdragon 8cx and Windows: what to expect from a new breed of PCs

Snapdragon chips are normally associated with the processors that power our mobile devices. But Qualcomm is about to roll out its Snapdragon 8cx chips, designed for laptops – and it may just give Intel a run for its money. Two years ago, Qualcomm put their Snapdragon processors made for mobile phones into laptops, such as the HP Envy x2 and … Continue reading

Windows 10 Your Phone app can now mirror Android notifications

Microsoft may have thrown in the towel in the mobile platform arena but that doesn’t mean it has given up on having a presence in mobile. That means not only having apps on Android and iOS but also trying to bridge the gap between Windows 10 PCs and smartphones. The second scenario is being served by Microsoft’s “Your Phone” app, … Continue reading

What’s up with Microsoft’s Windows 1.0 tease?

If you’ve checked Microsoft’s Twitter recently, then you’ve likely noticed something a little strange. Microsoft is teasing a Windows release, but it isn’t actually a new Windows release. In fact, at this point, the release it’s teasing is nearly 35 years old. Yes, we’re diving back into the mid-1980s with this tease, as Microsoft has started publishing promotional materials for … Continue reading