Windows Phone 8.1 will be deader than dead come December 2019

Lumia owners, both from Nokia and Microsoft, your days are numbered. At least if you’re still running Windows Phone 8.1. It might be a shock to some that that version of Microsoft’s defunct mobile OS still exists and still runs. It might not be a shock, however, to hear that Microsoft is pulling the plug on it this year. Fortunately, … Continue reading

Microsoft bets on Windows 10 IoT, Intelligent Edge for a Society 5.0 future

CEATEC 2019 is underway in Japan and more than just the usual tech trade show, the event has an underlying theme that promotes a rather idyllic and ambitious vision of the future. That is what Japan’s Society 5.0 is trying to push, a society that harmonizes cyberspace and real space for the enrichment not just of individuals but of the … Continue reading

Why Microsoft’s answer to a folding screen works better

This is the way to do it. Microsoft has been hard at work this year, unveiling a long list of new products, including a pair of folding devices: the Surface Neo and Surface Duo. Both these devices have two screens connected with a hinge that can fold a full 360 degrees. The Surface Neo is a folding tablet that Microsoft … Continue reading

Windows 10 preview brings Android phone calls to your PC

Windows 10's Your Phone calling support is finally here, provided you're willing to live life on the edge. Microsoft has released a Windows 10 Insider Preview for Fast ring testers that adds the ability to take and start calls from your PC. You'll...

Android phone calls handoff just arrived in the Windows 10 Insider build

Microsoft is giving Windows users a taste of what tighter integration between their Android phones and their PCs can be like, with its new Calls feature arriving in the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview. Released today to the Fast ring – the builds for the bravest Windows users willing to put up with some bugs in return for bleeding-edge functionality … Continue reading

Xbox One adds game sale alerts and expanded parental controls

Sometimes, the most important Xbox One updates are less about interface changes and more about conveniences -- in this case, for bargain hunters and concerned parents. Microsoft is rolling out an October update whose centerpieces are more powerful p...

Opera’s stricter privacy controls could also speed up your web browsing

Opera doesn't want to miss the browser privacy bandwagon, and it's taking an unusual angle to sell it: it's promising a speed boost. The newly released Opera 64 includes a tracker blocker that prevents sites from tracking you across the web (usually...

Surface Duo could be completely different if these petitions get heard

Not only did Microsoft not disappoint at its Surface event by revealing its first ARM-powered Surface and the foldable Surface Neo, it also surprised the crowd with a long-awaited foldable phone. There might have been some disappointment, however, when the Surface Duo was revealed to be running Android instead of Windows 10 or even Windows 10X. Given that the phone … Continue reading