UC Santa Barbara sues Amazon and IKEA over LED lighting

UC Santa Barbara has had enough of retailers selling its patented LED light bulb technology without authorization. This week, the university filed a lawsuit charging Amazon, IKEA, Walmart, Target and Bed Bath & Beyond with infringing its patents....

Walmart adds SNAP support for online grocery orders at all pickup locations

In April, the US Department of Agriculture revealed that it had launched a pilot program allowing some SNAP recipients to purchase groceries online. Walmart and Amazon are both participating in the two-year pilot program, and Walmart has just expanded its own test involving SNAP payments. Under that expansion, all Walmart pickup locations now accept EBT card payments for online grocery … Continue reading

All Walmart pickup locations now accept SNAP for online grocery orders

Walmart is now accepting Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits as a payment method for online grocery shopping at all of its pickup locations, according to TechCrunch. The retail giant will allow customers to select "EBT card" as...

Walmart uses AI camera tech to track checkout theft at 1,000 stores

Walmart's early use of AI at its stores isn't just for the sake of convenience. The retailer has confirmed to Business Insider that it's using camera-based computer vision tech to deter theft and losses at its checkouts (including self-checkouts) in...

Hundreds of Walmart stores are using AI cameras to monitor checkouts

Many Walmart customers have likely noticed the appearance of cameras with small displays on the company’s self-checkout registers over the last couple years. In a recent statement, the retailer confirmed that hundreds of its stores have started using AI-powered cameras to monitor checkouts in an effort to cut down on theft and other issues resulting in loss. Computer vision technology … Continue reading