VAIO SX12 lands in US with ports to shame a MacBook Air

VAIO’s SX12 ultraportable notebook wants to shame every other slimline laptop out there, and if you’re currently living the dongle life you may well find yourself cheering it on. Despite being VAIO’s smallest model, with a 12.5-inch screen, the company somehow manages to fit in not only the ports you’d hope to find, but some we’d assumed had left notebooks … Continue reading

VAIO SX12 ultrabook packs every port you’ll ever need

VAIO has introduced an incredibly slim, lightweight 12.5-inch laptop that, despite its ultrabook design, features just about every port you’re likely to need in various usage scenarios. The VAIO SX12 has a full-size keyboard, weighs less than 2lbs, and comes with the promise of ‘full performance’ despite the slim notebook design. The VAIO SX12 is designed for portability — the … Continue reading

VAIO S TruePerformance laptops fend off thermal throttling

Throttling has seemingly become a more mainstream and even thornier topic as more and more users become aware of the ways their devices might not be performing at their best. Sadly, throttling is also the unavoidable consequence of physics that can’t be easily overcome by our current level of technology and knowledge. That, however, isn’t stopping companies from trying, or … Continue reading