Leica M-E (Typ 240) launched as a budget-friendly rangefinder

Contrary to popular notion, cameras haven’t gone extinct thanks to smartphones. Many have become cheaper while others have started to offer more features at the starting level. Others, however, continue to bank on their reputation and the quality expected from it and keep prices high, even for entry-level cameras. The new Leica M-E (Typ 240) tries to buck the latter … Continue reading

Steam will stop supporting Ubuntu Linux over 32-bit compatibility

If you're a Linux gamer who prefers Ubuntu, you might want to look for another distribution in the near future. Valve is dropping official support for Ubuntu in Steam as of the operating system's upcoming 19.10 release, which will cut 32-bit x86 com…

Watch Games Done Quick’s summer charity event starting June 23rd

If you're hoping to immerse yourself in video games now that summer has officially reached the northern hemisphere, you're in luck. Games Done Quick is kicking off its annual summer charity livestream (below) on June 23rd at 12:30PM ET, and you can e…

My Android and iPhone had the same problem: Lint!

So you’ve got a smartphone with a USB-C power cord that doesn’t seem to work as well as it did when it was new. You’ve tried different cords, you’ve tried different outlets, you’ve tried different chargers. You’ve even gone in to your mobile phone carrier to see what they could do, and they just said “shoot, I don’t know, maybe … Continue reading

Google Search under fire for allegedly lifting lyrics

Google often extols how its ever-growing number of Search features make it easier for users to immediately see the answers they’re looking for. Business and site owners, however, are sometimes left shaking their heads every such new feature is announced. Some dread the loss of click-throughs to their sites. Others, like lyrics site Genius, are up in arms over how … Continue reading

The Morning After: Google leaked the Pixel 4

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

We've seen a lot of phones leaked on Twitter lately, but Google dropping a pic of its own device months before we expect it to launch is a new twist on the genre. Also, we're powering through to the final day of…