Razer Customs bespoke mobile cases miss one key model

Today the “leading global lifestyle brand for gamers” Razer launched a program they called Razer Customs. This system was launched by Razer’s official website “offering exclusive case designs for a range of popular smartphones.” If you’ve been following mobile tech news for the past few years, you might already be able to guess the twist, here – or you might … Continue reading

IMDb TV free streaming service arrives on mobile devices

Following a leak that first revealed its existence in late 2018, IMDb launched a new free video streaming service called IMDb TV. The launch first involved Fire TV and Prime Video (which made sense because Amazon owns IMDb), but that was inconvenient for a large number of people who use other platforms. Things have finally changed with the arrival of … Continue reading

PlayStation Vue adds new ways to watch hockey and football games

Sony’s over-the-top TV service PlayStation Vue has added two new major networks for accessing football and hockey content, including live games. Starting today, subscribers located around the United States can access ESPN’s newly launched ACC Network, a subscription-tier television channel that was first announced in July 2016 and will officially launch tomorrow, July 22. The ACC Network (ACCN) is a … Continue reading

Ori and the Blind Forest is getting a surprise Switch release

There are lot of games out there that follow in the footsteps of Metroid and Castlevania, comprising an action-adventure subgenre known fondly as “Metroidvania.” One of the best games in that subgenre, in my opinion at least, is Ori and the Blind Forest. Today, we learned that Ori and the Blind Forest is heading to Nintendo Switch and that it’s … Continue reading