Uber Eats may soon offer an unlimited delivery subscription

Paying for delivery is so passé, and Uber Eats knows it. Like Postmates, DoorDash and the UK's Deliveroo, which all offer unlimited food delivery subscriptions, Uber is set to offer a monthly $9.99 pass that includes free delivery from any res...

Uber adds quiet mode option in app, but only for luxury rides

Uber users have been requesting some type of quiet mode for years, one that would enable them to make their preference for zero small talk known before the driver picks them up. The company has finally launched this feature, but it isn’t available for many of the rides that take place on its platform. In addition to the new quiet … Continue reading

Uber airport PIN test lets riders get in the first available car

Uber is testing a new feature that may greatly simplify airport pickups, the company has announced. Customers who order a ride at Portland International Airport can now participate in a pilot program that enables them to get into the first available Uber vehicle, not a specific one they were assigned. Key to the feature is a six-digit PIN that riders … Continue reading