Study links preventable cancers with different types of poor diets

Poor diets are widely associated with the development of certain cancers, including the excessive consumption of processed meats and sugary drinks. A new study breaks down different diets and sheds light on which cancers they’re most commonly associated with, such as a higher link to mouth cancer in people who don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables. The study comes from … Continue reading

Mysterious ozone-depleting CFC emissions source finally discovered

Around this time last year, a study was published revealing that at least one entity somewhere in the world was likely engaging in the production of a banned ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbon gas called CFC-11. Scientists had discovered that CFC-11 levels were rising despite its ban in 2010, indicating that it was still being used somewhere in the world, though no one … Continue reading

Eating unhealthy meals at work puts long-term health at risk

Making poor dietary decisions during the work day may put one’s long-term health at risk, according to a new study. Low-quality meals sourced from cafeterias, snacks acquired from vending machines, and frequently ordered fast food items can fuel a generally unhealthy lifestyle, the research reveals, including an increased likelihood of making poor food choices outside of work. The study was … Continue reading

Half of American kids and teens have high cholesterol levels

A quarter of children and teenagers in the United States have clinically high cholesterol levels, according to a new study. These high cholesterol levels put the children at greater risk of developing heart disease in adulthood, paving the way for atherosclerosis and heart attacks. Of the more than 26,000 kids and teens evaluated, only half of them had cholesterol levels … Continue reading

Eating better and taking probiotics may be key to alleviating anxiety

Anxiety, a common mental health issue that impacts many adults at some point during their lives, may be reduced through a combination of probiotic supplements and improving one’s diet. The findings come from a review of existing research performed by a team from Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine’s Shanghai Mental Health Center. The results build upon an existing … Continue reading

Stroke risk study on eggs and cholesterol has good news for dieters

The research surrounding egg consumption, overall dietary cholesterol levels, and stroke risk remains murky. Some studies have found a link between diets high in cholesterol and stroke risk, while others have offered opposite findings, highlighting a potential link between eating eggs and a protective effect against stroke. A new study offers its own input on the matter, finding that moderately … Continue reading

Adding these foods to low-fat diets may slash breast cancer death risk

Diet may have an important impact on one’s risk of dying from breast cancer, according to new research out of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). The study looked specifically at low-fat diets, finding ‘no down-sides’ to the dietary composition in addition to a potential health benefit: a major reduction in breast cancer death risk. This is the first … Continue reading