When to watch tonight’s Friday the 13th Harvest ‘micromoon’

Skygazers across the US will have the rare opportunity to view a ‘micromoon’ tonight, the earliest viewing times starting in the Pacific time zone with other following. The micromoon will happen on a notable date — Friday the 13th, making it a fun coincidence for most people. If you miss seeing the moon tonight, you won’t get the chance to … Continue reading

A mystery Interstellar Object is about to pay us a visit

With the immense distance between star systems in this galaxy of ours, it isn’t often that we get the chance to study interstellar objects – otherworldly bodies that were born in different systems and have made their way to our own – up close and personal. Up until recently, there was only one known interstellar object to visit our solar … Continue reading

Hubble captures bright summer portrait of Saturn and its rings

The Hubble Space Telescope has produced the latest portrait of Saturn, one featuring the planet and its rings in their entirety. The image was captured using the space telescope’s Wide Field Camera 3 in late June, though the Hubble team only shared the final image with the public today. The portrait was taken during Saturn’s closest approach to Earth in … Continue reading

Two black holes are feasting more frantically – and one is close to Earth

Scientists have detailed two different studies this week involving black holes, one that focuses on the black hole located at the center of our galaxy, another that is located in the center of a galaxy located millions of light-years away. Though they’re located far apart, these two black holes have something in common: they’re both hungry as evidenced by their … Continue reading

NASA finds first super-Earth exoplanet with water vapor in habitable zone

NASA has announced that for the first time, Hubble Space Telescope has discovered an exoplanet with water vapor that exists within the habitable zone of its star. The exoplanet has been named K2-18b and it is located outside of our solar system. Because the planet’s atmosphere contains water vapor and it’s located within the habitable zone, there may be bodies … Continue reading

The Morning After: 20 years later, the Dreamcast has a powerful legacy

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. It's iPhone day. While we prepare to cover Apple's big event this afternoon, you can catch up on Monday's news with a look back at the Dreamcast era, our review of Android 10 and a new update on The Last of Us P...