Report: Teen alcohol and cigarette use plummets, weed stays steady

Your highschool health teacher was right. There was only a small number of other kids in your school that actually, actively smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol. The most recent study of high school-aged students in the USA published by the CDC on the matter showed that alcohol and cigarette use was falling – while use of marijuana went up, then … Continue reading

Eating this inflammatory diet may double your cancer risk

Chronic inflammation has been linked to a number of potential long-term health issues, including autoimmune problems and the development of cancer. Diet plays an important role in inflammation response with foods like red meat and refined sugar being major pro-inflammatory sources in diets. A new study warns that eating an inflammatory diet doubles the risk of developing one of the … Continue reading

Dementia isn’t inevitable: Study finds which healthy habits offset risk

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are the inevitable outcome of growing old, but a new study says that isn’t the case. Despite having a genetic risk for the diseases, a newly published study found that certain healthy habits offset the risk, indicating that how you live life has a huge influence on … Continue reading

This bizarrely light material could help terraform Mars

Ultra-lightweight materials and intentionally triggering the greenhouse effect could be the key to terraforming Mars, a team of researchers have suggested, using silica aerogels to potentially build huge biospheres served with liquid water. The red planet has a surprising store of ice locked away under its surface, but tapping into that solid reservoir has presented a headache to human colonization … Continue reading

Scientists image Bell entanglement for the first time

Scientists have imaged a phenomenon officially known as Bell entanglement for the first time. Scientists John Bell formalized this phenomenon, but it was described by Albert Einstein first. Einstein described the quantum mechanics in the phenomenon as “spooky action at a distance” because of the instantaneousness of the remote interaction between a pair of entangled particles. Two entangled particles interact … Continue reading

Calorie restriction ‘significantly’ improves health in thin adults

A study out of Duke Health has found that eliminating approximately 300 calories from one’s daily diet has a significant protective effect on health. This beneficial effect was found in adults who were a healthy weight or who had ‘a few pounds’ to lose, according to the researchers, spurring an improvement in health markers like blood pressure and blood sugar … Continue reading

Green plants at home have surprising effect on junk food cravings

Exposure to greenery, such as a walk in the park or afternoon spent working in a garden, has been linked to multiple potential health benefits over the years, including reduced blood pressure. A new study out of the University of Plymouth has found another possible health benefit related to green plants: a reduction in cravings for junk food, alcohol and … Continue reading