First 19x Pokemon GO Gen 5 Pokemon releases revealed

Pokemon GO will launch several Generation 5 (Gen V) Pokemon (from the Unova region) all at once this month. Early clues and codes in the game suggest that we’ve got the first 19 Pokemon from Unova ready to roll, some Shiny, some not-so-shiny, all of them super cute. Let’s have a peek at what we’ve got coming up first, starting … Continue reading

Pokemon Sword and Shield is teasing a mysterious new Pokemon

As with most new Pokemon games, Nintendo and Game Freak have been trickle-releasing information about the new Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. After revealing a few new monsters in the latest trailer for the game, Game Freak has decided to switch things up a bit when it comes to revealing the next new Pokemon. Instead of just outing the … Continue reading

Deoxys Pokemon GO raid tricks and types to avoid

Raid Boss Deoxys in Pokemon GO is one of the beefiest Pokemon in the game when it comes to defending its turf. We took a look at the Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO when going up against Deoxys of several sorts earlier this week. Now we’re looking at which tricks and selections of monsters you’ll want to avoid. Pokemon that … Continue reading

Pokemon GO guide update: Deoxys raid counters, best movesets, weakness

In Pokemon GO, today is a good day to hit up a Deoxys Raid Battle in a Pokemon Gym near you – they’re everywhere! Niantic announced that several different forms of Deoxys would be battling trainers in Pokemon GO, including Normal, Attack, Defense, and Speed! It might seem daunting, not knowing which Pokemon might be best against the various forms … Continue reading

Pokemon GO Ultra Bonus Week 2, 3 Rewards, September Gen 5 launch

This month Pokemon GO is packed with Ultra Bonus Week event weeks of rewards, starting back on the 2nd. Week 1 started on September 2, 2019, and is set to last until September 9, 2019, at 1PM PDT. By the time you’re reading this article, it might already be time to switch! So let’s start in on Week 2 right … Continue reading

Pokemon GO updates with new types of Turtwig

There’s a new Pokemon GO update and the tiny green creature called Turtwig is the star of the party. Turtwig Community Day will take place on September 15th, there’s a glitch in the game which shows a secret Turtwig, and Turtwig is one of several new Pokemon in the Shadow Pokemon crew. That crew will launch with the latest Team … Continue reading

Pokemon Sword and Shield will let you camp with your Pokemon

Nintendo’s most recent Direct presentation was indeed a beefy one, and among all of the other games that were announced, we received new details about Pokemon Sword and Shield. In addition to announcing a pair of new monsters, Game Freak and Nintendo also revealed some new mechanics that will be found in the games. One of them involves setting up … Continue reading

Nintendo Direct reveals 20 SNES games, PC and Wii ports, retro remakes

You might still be in shock (or not really) that yet another popular squad-based shooter is coming to the Nintendo Switch but that isn’t the only thing dumped on fans in today’s Nintendo Direct. The almost 39-minute video stream was unbelievably packed with more titles and previews than you think could fit in that short period. But in case you … Continue reading