Samsung gives Note 10 and S10 security advice as it preps fingerprint fix

By now, you’ve probably heard of a worrying flaw with the ultrasonic fingerprint readers present in the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy Note 10. When using some third-party screen protectors on either phone, the fingerprint reader can apparently grant access to fingerprints that weren’t previously registered. Obviously, that entirely defeats the purpose of securing your phone with a fingerprint in … Continue reading

OnePlus 8 Pro renders show off quad rear camera

The OnePlus 7T is barely out of the gate and already we’re onto talk of the OnePlus 8 Pro. Today, a new set of renders surfaced, showing off what the OnePlus 8 Pro is expected to look like. There aren’t any massive changes that immediately jump out, but one thing that’s definitely worth talking about is the quad-camera setup around … Continue reading

Pokemon GO update: Unique Halloween forms list and Meloetta clue

Today a whole bunch of new Pokemon appeared in the game Pokemon GO, and we’ve got the lot here in a list – with additional updates! We’ve gone through the game to read the latest game files to see all code changes – there’s just a few. We’ve also worked with our friends in the field and the community at … Continue reading

Samsung promises fix for flawed fingerprint security on these flagship 2019 phones

Earlier this week, news of a particularly troubling flaw with the Galaxy S10’s ultrasonic fingerprint reader broke. Apparently, phones that had certain third-party screen protectors installed could potentially accept fingerprints that weren’t previously registered to the device. This, of course, means that someone who isn’t you could gain access to your phone, and that’s never a good thing. The good … Continue reading

Pixel 4 snubbed 5G because Google isn’t convinced it’s time yet

The Pixel 4 has almost all the staples of a late 2019 flagship phone except for two things. It strangely missed out on the Snapdragon 855+ but even more strangely skipped adding 5G support. For a company that lives and breathes the Internet and a major proponent of pushing communication technology forward, that is an almost glaring omission. It turns … Continue reading

ASUS ROG Phone 2 teardown reveals one critical flaw

Gaming smartphones are designed for a niche market but many of them actually offer the same high-end features of regular flagships at almost half the price. ASUS’ second stab at that market is perhaps the one exception. Yes, it does have one of the best combination of specs this year but the $900 price tag might scare off some mobile … Continue reading

Pixel 4 new Google Assistant requires Gesture Navigation

One of Android 10’s new features is its full gesture navigation system. While it definitely improves on the initial implementation in Android 9 Pie, some users may not be completely sold on it yet. Some might even find it physically difficult to swipe and swipe and hold around. Pixel 4 owners, however, may not have much choice, that is they … Continue reading

Galaxy Fold 2 could feature world’s first under-display camera

Simply based on rumors, the Galaxy Fold 2 could be the most ambitious phone to come to the market. Either that or it will eclipse its predecessor as Samsung’s biggest embarrassment. Samsung is seemingly putting some of the most novel and most experimental features ever known in the industry, not even including the foldable screen itself. The latest word is … Continue reading