LG 2019 OLED TVs will soon get NVIDIA G-SYNC support for gaming

The lines between computer monitors and TVs are slowly blurring. Just like their living room counterparts, desktop screens have started sporting curved designs to offer the same cinematic experience for viewing videos and playing games on PCs. Now LG and NVIDIA are turning the tables and are promising TVs that turn those large panels into gaming monitors in the living … Continue reading

ASUS’ ProArt StudioBook One is a breathtakingly powerful laptop

You know a company is feeling confident when it has industry-standard benchmarking software pre-installed on its demo PCs. ASUS' new ProArt StudioBook One is the first to offer NVIDIA's class-leading Quadro RTX 6000 pro graphics. And it had Futur...

Square Enix’s ‘Back Stage’ tech demo is all about ray-tracing

Square Enix, the JRPG behemoth behind Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, has released a tech demo titled Back Stage, which is rendered almost entirely with a technique called path tracing. This is an offshoot of ray tracing that specializes in processin...

Acer Swift 5 and 3 gain Intel 10th Gen Ice Lake, NVIDIA GeForce MX250

The NVIDIA GeForce MX250 is now available in builds of the Acer Swift 5, a laptop that’s gotten this refresh at IFA 2019. This newest version of the Acer Swift 5 will be released starting in either September or November, depending on region. The newest version of the Acer Swift 3 was also revealed with Intel’s latest with 10th Gen … Continue reading

GlobalFoundries lawsuit threatens sales bans against Apple, NVIDIA

The competition between semiconductor giants is getting ugly, and it could have an unfortunate impact on many of the devices you buy. GlobalFoundries has sued the Taiwanese firm TSMC for allegedly violating 16 patents tied to its chip production bus...

NVIDIA GeForce Gamescom driver boosts performance, adds low latency mode

NVIDIA has already enjoyed a good start to Gamescom, announcing yesterday that ray tracing will soon be coming to Minecraft. Today, however, the company announced the roll out of a new GeForce Game Ready Driver specifically for Gamescom. The driver adds a lot of features, but perhaps most importantly, it’s bringing a performance boost to a number of popular games. … Continue reading

NVIDIA GeForce NOW game streaming Android Beta release revealed

The system known as NVIDIA GeForce NOW was previously in free Beta for PC, Mac, and SHIELD TV, now it’ll be opened on Android devices of several sorts. NVIDIA announced several feature updates to GeForce NOW today, also including the transition to RTX-enabled graphics processors for certain regions. NVIDIA also gave a cryptic note on the timing for release of … Continue reading