Double Fine’s post-apocalyptic adventure ‘Rad’ arrives August 20th

Rad, the latest game to come from the minds of indie game darlings Tim Schafer and Lee Petty at Double Fine Productions, officially has a release date. With the help of publisher Bandai Namco, the roleplaying adventure game will arrive on August 20th...

Nintendo Switch Online vouchers serve up two games with cut price

The most recent Nintendo Direct offered up a lot of information about Super Mario Maker 2, but at the end of it, Nintendo made a rather surprising announcement. The company revealed a new voucher program that essentially lets Switch owners buy two games of their choice at a discount. It’s only available to Switch Online subscribers as well, so it’s … Continue reading

Super Mario Maker 2 detailed: Story mode, co-op, new themes and tools

As promised, Nintendo held a new Nintendo Direct announcement today dedicated to Super Mario Maker 2, revealing all the details fans have been waiting for. Unlike the original Super Mario Maker, the sequel will feature a story mode in which players will finish courses to get coins for rebuilding Princess Peach’s ruined castle. Story mode will be joined by a … Continue reading

Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct: How and when to watch today

Yesterday, Nintendo surprised us all by announcing a new Nintendo Direct devoted entirely to Super Mario Maker 2. The original Super Mario Maker was one of the best reasons to own a Wii U – if not the single best reason – so there’s definitely a lot of excitement for this Switch release. Despite that excitement, Nintendo has kept Mario … Continue reading

Nintendo’s surprise Mario Maker 2 Direct makes E3 2019 exciting

Nintendo announced today that it will host a special Nintendo Direct dedicated to Super Mario Maker 2 ahead of E3. Super Mario Maker 2 is Nintendo’s big summer game for the Switch, and though it’s out on June 28th, Nintendo has been pretty quiet about what we should expect in terms of new (or improved) features and capabilities. It seems … Continue reading