BMW Vision M NEXT is an anti-autonomous 600hp hybrid concept

In a world of autonomous vehicles, what happens to the driver who enjoys, well, driving? The answer, BMW says, may be something like this: the new BMW Vision M NEXT concept. The latest in the automaker’s NEXT series of near-future concept cars, it’s a blend of electrification, thoughtful assistance tech, and distinctive style. BMW’s self-imposed challenge is a straightforward one. … Continue reading

16-inch MacBook Pro could launch alongside 2019 iPhone

Apple’s most intriguing laptop in years could arrive this fall, according to analyst predictions, with the 16-inch MacBook Pro tipped to launch at the same event as the new 2019 iPhone. The much-rumored notebook would have the largest display available on a current MacBook Pro, slotting in above the 15-inch version as Apple’s flagship. That’s a space which has been … Continue reading

Jobs at risk of automation and AI tech – How worry should we be?

Don’t get too comfortable with your job right now. In a few years, machines and algorithms could very well be replacing human workers in many industries – and it is not just F&B and production lines. Left out of the usual talk of cabbies, factory workers and salesmen being replaced are jobs in finance, legal firms, healthcare and administrators who … Continue reading

Don’t buy into PS5 and Project Scarlett hype yet

It’s a pretty exciting time for fans of video games. We’re coming off an E3 that was pretty successful despite the fact that a couple of major players – namely Sony – didn’t host press conferences this year. On top of that, we now know that the next generation of game consoles is nearly upon us, with both Sony and … Continue reading

Harry Potter Wizards Unite starter pack: Tap these 5 hidden settings

This morning the game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was released for download for both iOS for iPhone and for Android devices of all sorts. Some early release users are already out looking for APK Energy aplenty, while others have happened upon a “Not Compatible” error right out the gate. We begin with a set of SETTINGS you should adjust immediately! … Continue reading

What Microsoft needs to do to stop losing ground

Once upon a time, when you talked about PC software, you could only think about Microsoft. Unless you were talking about games, in which case you’d still be talking about running them on Windows. These days, however, people and companies have begun asking what a computer is today and their definition doesn’t always include “Microsoft”, “Windows”, or even “Office”. In … Continue reading

Huawei is “confident” these phones will get Android Q

Huawei has come out fighting amid rumors that its smartphones won’t get Android Q upgrades, releasing a list of handsets it says it’s “confident” will get Google’s latest OS despite the Trump administration’s blacklist. The saga of just what will happen to existing – and new – Huawei devices has been ongoing since May, when the US put the Chinese … Continue reading

Red Magic 3 Review : The Gaming Phone Sweet Spot

The Red Magic 3 is a gaming phone made by the company Nubia’s gaming arm. This phone is a gaming machine first, and a smartphone second. It has a relatively large display with no notch and no camera hole, powerful “4D” haptic feedback, front-facing stereo speakers, and a sizable battery. With an approximately $479 starting price, the Red Magic 3 … Continue reading