Google, Intel and Microsoft form data protection consortium

It's common to secure data when its sitting put or flying to its destination, but not so much when you're actually using it -- there's still a risk someone could peek at your content while you work. Industry heavyweights might help keep your info se...

Microsoft contractors listened to what people told their Xbox consoles

Microsoft contractors reportedly listened to Xbox owners too. Earlier this month, we learned that contractors heard audio snippets from Skype calls and Cortana interactions. Now, Vice reports that Microsoft contractors also listened to audio picked u...

More Xbox exclusives on other consoles? Don’t get your hopes up

Earlier this week, Nintendo announced that Ori and the Blind Forest is coming to the Switch later this year. That was a particularly surprising announcement because up until it happened, Ori and the Blind Forest was an Xbox One console exclusive. If you thought that maybe this meant Microsoft would consider bringing other exclusives to platforms like the Switch and … Continue reading

Microsoft Edge gets a Beta channel as launch looms closer

Software giant Microsoft has practically admitted that, after decades, it can no longer really compete in the browser market on its own. Ironically, adopting a Google Chrome base may have, in fact, renewed interest and trust in the Microsoft Edge name. At least enough to gain 1 million downloads of the preview version alone. Microsoft is probably hoping that the … Continue reading

DOJ is working with states on antitrust investigations of tech companies

The Justice Department's antitrust leader doesn't see big tech as inherently bad, but he's still content to investigate potential wrongdoing. Division chief Makan Delrahim told guests at a Colorado tech policy conference that the DOJ was working wit...