The next ‘Mario & Sonic Olympics’ game has a retro 2D mode

Over the past 12 years, Nintendo and Sega have faithfully published their mashup, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, to correspond with the iconic sporting event. The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo will be a homecoming of sorts for the two mascots, who...

Super Mario Maker 2 course upload limit increased, with more soon

Super Mario Maker 2 has been out for a few weeks, and while the game is mostly pretty great, folks who are passionate about creating courses have run into a frustrating problem: they’re limited to a mere 32 course uploads. That may seem like a lot of upload slots to someone who doesn’t go hard on course creation, but for … Continue reading

Super Mario Maker 2 review: Beautiful insanity

If there was any reason at all to own a Wii U, Super Mario Maker was it. Super Mario Maker was so unique and so popular that I think if it would have been a launch title, the Wii U may have succeeded despite all that was working against it. Super Mario Maker 2 on Switch, then, was inevitable, and … Continue reading

Dr. Mario World lands on iOS and Android a day early

If you’ve been looking forward to Nintendo’s latest mobile offering, then here’s some good news: Dr. Mario World is available on both iOS and Android a little bit early. The game was originally scheduled to launch on July 10th, but it’s available now on both platforms. It’s the latest game on an ever growing list of mobile titles that includes … Continue reading

Dr. Mario World multiplayer detailed in latest trailer

Dr. Mario World is just about a week away, and as we close in on release day, Nintendo has revealed that the game will have an online multiplayer component. That, of course, means that you’ll be able to go toe-to-toe with your friends in online matches, but like most mobile games, there will be benefits to filling your friends list … Continue reading

The Mario Maker subreddit is a thing of beauty right now

Like many Switch owners, I spent my weekend diving into Super Mario Maker 2, with the bulk of my play time spent making courses. When it came time to actually publish my courses and get people playing them, I ran into a problem: since I don’t have any friends who bought Super Mario Maker 2 on launch day, I was … Continue reading

Mario Royale turns the beloved classic into a mad race for survival

Battle royales are one of the hottest things in gaming these days and almost everyone and anyone wants to make one. That’s true for the big studios down to the lone indie developer. Most imagine creating new properties for a battle royale. Game modder and YouTuber InfernoPlus, however, tempted fate and Nintendo’s lawyers by corrupting one of the gaming industry’s … Continue reading