Huawei’s Android nightmare just got much, much worse

Google will cut off Huawei’s access to key Android apps and updates, it’s reported, as the Chinese company takes another hit in the US government’s trade war. Although relatively absent from US shelves, Huawei has a huge smartphone business in Europe and Asia, which could well be significantly impacted by the change. The company’s relationship with the US government has … Continue reading

Elon Musk makes dire Tesla warning in cost cutting hunt

Tesla’s Elon Musk has made an ominous prediction about the automaker’s financial outlook, with a leaked memo from within the firm giving it less than a year to achieve breakeven at its current spending rate. Tesla announced losses of $700m in the last quarter, though the automaker did end the three month period with $2.2 billion in cash. Consistently producing … Continue reading

If this is Pixel 4, thank goodness for OnePlus 7 Pro

Rumors popped up this afternoon about Google’s Pixel 4, a new device that’ll probably appear later this year. The Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL wouldn’t look particularly different from the last model, coming again with the two-tone back and the on-trend front. But if this is it, Google might want to head back to the drawing board. … Continue reading

The 2019 iPhone just hit a huge milestone

Apple has given the green-light to production of its next-generation chip, insiders claim, set to power the 2019 iPhone range which will pack even more cameras than today. The Apple A13 will be the successor to the A12 Bionic, announced in 2018, which is found in the current iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. In-house chip design has … Continue reading

If this is the 2019 Motorola Razr foldable, I’m in

Multiple rumors over past months have claimed Motorola plans to release an updated version of its iconic Razr cell phone, only this time as a smartphone. The Razr, of course, was a folding cell phone, and given the slow rise in folding devices, it only makes sense that Motorola plans to release a folding smartphone in the resurrected Razr line. … Continue reading

Vanity and geek-blinkers caused Samsung Galaxy Fold debacle: report

Samsung rushed the Galaxy Fold to market in an attempt to prove critics wrong and demonstrate it was an innovator not a follower, insiders claim, hurtling into another embarrassing disaster in the process. The South Korean firm was forced to delay the release of its flagship foldable smartphone, which was meant to arrive with preorder buyers this week, after reviewers … Continue reading

Apple’s stereo AR headset push said to start at WWDC 2019

Apple’s augmented reality push looks set to get some very interesting hardware support, with WWDC 2019 this year tipped to debut stereo AR headset support. Apple has offered ARKit, its framework for augmented reality applications and games, since iOS 11, though until now it has focused primarily on mixed reality experiences through an iPhone or iPad. With ARKit, for example, … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Fold delayed over screen nightmare

Samsung will delay the release of the Galaxy Fold, it’s reported, with this week’s expected debut of the innovative folding smartphone pushed back after a rocky start to the review process. The near-$2,000 Android handset was originally intended to launch at the end of this week, on April 26, in the US. It was an unexpectedly aggressive roadmap. Samsung revealed … Continue reading