Major Apple leak: iPhone Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro, new iPads

Today there’s been a relatively massive leak of Apple products that’ll be revealed in the near future. Sources familiar with the situation leaked three new iPhone models including two “Pro” iPhone models (likely iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max) as well as a successor to the iPhone XR. Also in the mix are a new iPad Pro, a … Continue reading

iPhone 11 Pro with Apple Pencil tipped by case company

A new set of iPhone cases appeared today with room for their own new Apple Pencil. This new Apple Pencil was placed at the back of the smartphone, attached to the device by a sort of clip with the Apple Pencil branding plain for all to see. This new iPhone for which a case was designed was called iPhone 11 … Continue reading

iPhone 11 Foxconn leak points to new battery details

The iPhone 11 was leaked in part by an email from an apparent Foxconn employee claiming to know the full lot. In the mix are details of a new green color for the higher-end iPhone 11 Max, which will apparently be the only “new” color of the year. This machine will also apparently be devoid of the word “iPhone” for … Continue reading

Galaxy Note 10 Unpacked: What you should expect

On August 7, 2019, a Samsung Unpacked event will play host to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+. You could also call it a Galaxy Note 10 Plus, or a 10 Pro, whatever you’d like – but chances are Samsung’ll stick with the “+” symbol as they’ve done in the past. Today we’re taking a final look … Continue reading

BMW’s kill-list has leaked as it retools for electric and it’s shocking reading

BMW is preparing to take an axe to its range, with a legitimately surprising array of vehicles – some, like the Z4, only just launched – reportedly facing cancelation as the automaker attempts to refocus on electrification. More demanding emissions regulations, along with the costs involved in maintaining and refreshing an increasingly wide range of cars, coupes, SUVs, and other … Continue reading

Google’s next phone will improve your life

Supposing you’re the sort of person that likes to spend money on a phone, and aren’t an iPhone-ONLY sort of consumer, Pixel 4 might change your life. You might have a much-improved sort of life when you start to get the hang of what the device can do for your and your body. It starts at your fingers and works … Continue reading

iPhone 2020 3D feature tip bad news for iPhone 11 buyers in 2019

A bit of analysis from TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested this week that Apple’s 2020 collection of iPhone devices could use ToF sensors on their backs. But wait, you might be saying, isn’t Apple going to bring the rounded-corner circle of cameras to the iPhone in the year 2019? You’d be right about that amalgamation of cameras, more than … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Release with Pink Edition for August

The latest leak of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 includes a Pink Edition for the masses. It’s not yet known how many colors will be made available at the launch of this smartphone – but chances are there’ll be more than just two. I say “just two” because for some countries, that’s all there were at the launch for the … Continue reading