VAIO SX12 ultrabook packs every port you’ll ever need

VAIO has introduced an incredibly slim, lightweight 12.5-inch laptop that, despite its ultrabook design, features just about every port you’re likely to need in various usage scenarios. The VAIO SX12 has a full-size keyboard, weighs less than 2lbs, and comes with the promise of ‘full performance’ despite the slim notebook design. The VAIO SX12 is designed for portability — the … Continue reading

Vaio's latest mini laptop packs in the ports

You may never need a multiport hub again with the Vaio SX12

If you're a user of a recently-produced laptop, you may have found yourself needing to spend extra cash on a USB-C multiport hub so you can continue to use your old thumbdrives, external displays and optical drives. Vaio is having none of that nonsense for its SX12 mini laptop, which offers an impressive array of ports for such a small machine.

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GPD Win Max could be a mini laptop and gaming handheld mashup

The netbook renaissance is at hand, that is if you ask at least three Chinese manufacturers. GPD, Chuwi, and One Netbook are currently in a race for the 8-inch mini laptop market but GPD is quite happy to stretch its wings even further. It is already known to be working on a slight refresh of its GPD WIN 2 Windows-based … Continue reading

TRIO promises the triple screen laptop of your dreams

When Razer unveiled its Project Valerie prototype at CES 2017, it unsurprisingly became the butt of jokes. While having a multi-monitor setup on a desk isn’t exactly novel, having a laptop with three screens is just a few steps shy of ridiculous. Of course, the same benefits apply but the inconvenience and price of such a contraption are almost unthinkable. … Continue reading

Apple updates MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in time for the new school year

Updated 13-inch MacBook Pro now features the latest processors for twice the performance, Touch Bar and ...

Apple announced updates to the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lines this week, and – just in time for the beginning of the North American school year – a Back to School promotion that shaves US$100 off the ticket price for students, and throws in a pair of $350 headphones for good measure.

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Galaxy Note 10 release aims for last phone race that matters

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 just revealed itself as a contender for the longstanding ultimate goal of the smartphone form factor. That ultimate goal is to replace not only mobile phones and landlines, but to replace the home computer. Samsung’s been preparing for this accomplishment in incremental feature additions to smartphones each generation since well over a decade ago. Is … Continue reading

Apple just axed the controversial 12-inch MacBook

If you haven’t already heard the news, Apple updated its entry-level MacBook lineup today, giving the 13-inch MacBook Pro some new silicon and outfitting with the Touch Bar while updating the MacBook Air with a True Tone display. Apple says that the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is now its entry-level Pro model, but unfortunately, that designation comes with … Continue reading

MacBooks will soon ditch accursed butterfly keyboard according to Kuo

Apple has been lauded for its beautiful products but, for some, that design focus has a darker side as well. The company has been accused of sacrificing practicality and even usability for the sake of beauty or thinness and the 2015 MacBook’s butterfly mechanism has been used as the prime example of that. At long last, the company is reportedly … Continue reading