Photoshop CC for iPad may not be what you’re expecting

The “real Photoshop” experience for iPad may not quite be what graphics pros are hoping for, with beta testers of Adobe’s upcoming app warning that some expected features are still missing. Adobe announced Photoshop CC for iPad at its annual Max conference in 2018, promising to take advantage of the hardware capabilities and stylus support in Apple’s iPad Pro tablets. … Continue reading

A month on, Apple Arcade is too cheap to quit

It's been almost exactly a month since Apple Arcade launched. That means that a lot of free trials are about to expire, and it's time to decide: Is it actually worth your $5 a month? Like you, a number of Engadget editors have been testing out Arcade...

iOS 13 is already on 50% of all iPhones, 33% iPads with iPadOS

It was off to a rough start but, almost mirroring the phenomenon surrounding any Apple product, iOS 13 has still managed to garner mass appeal. At least that’s according to Apple’s chart, showing how many of its devices is already running its latest mobile platforms. Yes plural, because Apple is putting iPadOS on its own chart which presents a smaller … Continue reading

Apple’s Sidecar feature only works on newer Macs

On Monday, Apple released macOS Catalina, the latest major update to its desktop operating system. Going into the update, a lot of Mac owners were excited for a feature called Sidecar. If you haven't following the development of Catalina, Sidecar all...

iPad on-screen keyboard could feel like the real thing in the future

On-screen keyboards have become a fact of life but that doesn’t make them enjoyable to use. That’s especially true for tablets that have large screens that would have been more comfortable to use with larger and more spacious keys. Typing on flat glass with nothing but subtle vibrations of the entire screen will always feel unnatural for some people. Apple’s … Continue reading