PHOOZY iPad and MacBook Capsules use spacesuit tech to protect devices

We often buy expensive products, especially expensive electronics, but then skimp on measures to protect their investments. Often, they use pouches or cases that provide only minimal protection. Sometimes they dress them up like a tank, making them cumbersome to keep. PHOOZY is promising you can have both style and protection with its new lightweight capsules for iPads and MacBooks … Continue reading

Capcom’s ‘Teppen’ card game pits Chun-Li against Dante

Capcom clearly couldn't resist the temptation to hop on the card game bandwagon. The gaming giant has teamed up with GungHo to release Teppen (no, not Tekken), a card battler for Android and iOS that revolves around better-known characters from Stre...

Hearthstone nixing two cards we’ve taken for granted too long

Two of Hearthstone’s most powerful cards, Vanish and Mind Blast, will soon head for the Hall of Fame. These cards have been abnormally powerful in the most basic sense of the phrase since I started playing the game – they’re so good, they’d be in almost every deck against which I played, regardless of intent. They were so powerful, it … Continue reading