Epic tells Fortnite players to hold off on iOS 13 beta for now

The iOS 13 public beta has been available for a couple of weeks at this point, but if you make a habit of playing Fortnite on your iPhone, you might want to hold off on installing it. As it turns out, the iOS 13 beta can cause stability issues within the game, which obviously is not ideal considering how fast-paced … Continue reading

Your next 3 iPhones

This week a pair of leaks and/or insider analysis reveals essentially made the case for Apple’s next several major iPhone releases. What’s different about these bits of information from the normal day-to-day leak is their relative un-interesting nature. The tipped iPhone changes don’t seem very far-fetched, and not particularly world-shaking in the grand scheme of things – which makes them … Continue reading

Shoelace is Google’s latest attempt at making a social network that sticks

Google doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to creating successful social networks, but that isn’t going to stop if from trying again anyway. Today the company revealed Shoelace, a new social network centered around finding people with similar interests and meeting in up with them in the real world. In that sense, it almost seems like Shoelace … Continue reading

Your iPhone has been compromised, the most silly scam in years

Here we are again, in an iPhone-centric bit of not-really-real mishap, this time centered on the word “Compromised.” That’s a scary word and term, almost as scary as something like “your internet history is now public.” But take heart, there is no need for alarm if you’ve only just seen the pop-up. Today we’re going to have a chat about … Continue reading

Dr. Mario World lands on iOS and Android a day early

If you’ve been looking forward to Nintendo’s latest mobile offering, then here’s some good news: Dr. Mario World is available on both iOS and Android a little bit early. The game was originally scheduled to launch on July 10th, but it’s available now on both platforms. It’s the latest game on an ever growing list of mobile titles that includes … Continue reading

‘Dr. Mario World’ hits iOS and Android a day early (updated)

The doctor is in. Nintendo's latest mobile game, Dr. Mario World, has arrived a day early on iOS and Android. Several Engadget editors were able to play Nintendo's match-three puzzler before the expected launch date of July 10th. The new mobile title...

Pokemon GO Team Rocket release date secrets in full

Today we’re taking a peek at the next major update to Pokemon GO, an event with no less than Team Rocket! We’ve been preparing for this event since before day one – go see! Pokemon GO user TeamRocketNorth is ready to take you on up in the Midwest Region! The next major Pokemon GO update will include “some mysterious characters” … Continue reading