New MacBook Pro evidence surfaces: 16-inch model tipped

Apple is gearing up for another series of autumn reveals, with new iPhones definitely on deck and likely new Apple Watches as well. Smartphones and wearables might not be the only new devices Apple reveals this fall, as it may also have new MacBooks in the works as well. One MacBook Peo could be a new 16-inch model that’s meant … Continue reading

US will reportedly give Huawei another temporary reprieve

Huawei hasn't had any luck reversing the US trade ban despite promises of removing some restrictions. It might be a long while before the company is forced to cut all its ties, however. Reuters sources have claimed the Commerce Department is expect...

CDC reports nearly 100 vaping lung disease cases in 14 states

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed on Friday that it is helping local health officials investigate nearly 100 lung injury cases possibly linked to the use of vaping products involving liquid nicotine and THC solutions. These cases have been identified in five states at this time, but many questions remain unanswered. More than 100 cases of a mysterious … Continue reading

FDA proposes gruesome cigarette packs to freak out smokers

The FDA is targeting smokers with a newly published proposed rule that, if implemented, would put disturbing imagery on packages of cigarettes. The ‘photo-realistic color images’ would be part of warnings placed on cigarette products and advertisements intended to depict the kind of serious health consequences associated with smoking. This would, the FDA says, represent the biggest change to cigarette … Continue reading

Vanity license plates have proven traffic ticket systems faulty for four decades

A user by the name of “Droogie” (Joseph Tartaro) decided he’d be clever and register a custom license plate with the word NULL. That means blank, empty, the end – it’s not a word you hear people use all that often other than to say “null and void” – which, incidentally, was part of Tartaro’s plan. He’d intended on getting … Continue reading

Facebook Privacy settings change names

Today an update from Facebook changes the way Facebook Groups are labeled. No longer will there be a choice between public, closed, or secret settings. Instead, there’ll be a choice between “public” or “private.” Given the *most recent Facebook privacy flubs and government action regarding Facebook’s failings in keeping user data protected, increased use of the word PRIVACY in Facebook … Continue reading

Two more states report severe vaping lung injury: What you should know

On August 4, state health officials in Wisconsin disclosed a dozen cases of severe lung disease that appeared to be linked to the use of vaping devices, including electronic cigarettes. The cases involved young adults, catching the attention of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which encouraged health care providers in other states to report any similar cases. … Continue reading