Health officials and CDC discussed no-fly list for measles patients

Officials at both the local and state levels consulted with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about putting some people who were potentially infected with measles on the Do Not Board list, it has been revealed. The discussions aimed to reduce measles exposure to unsuspecting travelers, some of whom may have been vulnerable to the infection. The talks … Continue reading

Apple promises warnings if updating will slow your iPhone

Apple caused quite a stir when it became clear that the company was intentionally slowing some phones to compensate for aging batteries. The fallout from that revelation was rather wide reaching – not only did Apple end up discounting battery replacement charges for many iPhone models for a year, but it also added a toggle to iOS that allows users … Continue reading

This nasal spray stops med-resistant depression in trials

The nasal spray medication called Esketamine was approved by the FDA this year for treatment of drug-resistant depression – and we’ve done a bit of an investigation. Over 17.3-million adults in the United States suffer from depression – that’s over 7% of all US adults. It’s safe to say this affliction affects the way we live our lives – and … Continue reading

Huawei ban list and timeline: Google, Microsoft, Android fallout

Today we’re going to run down the effective Huawei ban list, the basics in China-based spy fears, and the fallout. This has a little to do with ZTE, a lot to do with China’s government, and what might be the worst bout of luck a company ever had (with regard to their native country’s timing for a trade war with … Continue reading

US government warns China may have access to drone data

Today, the Department of Homeland Security issued an alert warning that Chinese-made drones may be sending flight information back to their manufacturers, who could share it with third parties. According to CNN, the alert warns companies and organiza...

Tesla adjusts Autopilot to comply with new EU regulations

Tesla will push an updated Autopilot in Europe that scales back on a couple of functions in order to comply with new regulations. The changes will require faster lane changes and limit how far you can turn the steering wheel on Autosteer. Electrek re...

USAF seeks autonomous aerial rescue vehicle for combat missions

The United States Air Force has published a call for a large autonomous aerial vehicle that will be able to rescue and transport up to four people in remote combat zones. Details about the plan were recently published on the government’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) website, where the USAF Research Laboratory specifies that the vehicle shouldn’t have an ‘onboard … Continue reading