The Engadget Podcast: What do we lose if Google is everywhere?

Google is all about ambient computing. That much was made clear at the company's launch event this week. Its products were leaked so thoroughly that there were barely any surprises left. Yet, finally getting to see Google's full portfolio of devices...

Pixel 4 snubbed 5G because Google isn’t convinced it’s time yet

The Pixel 4 has almost all the staples of a late 2019 flagship phone except for two things. It strangely missed out on the Snapdragon 855+ but even more strangely skipped adding 5G support. For a company that lives and breathes the Internet and a major proponent of pushing communication technology forward, that is an almost glaring omission. It turns … Continue reading

Pixel 4 new Google Assistant requires Gesture Navigation

One of Android 10’s new features is its full gesture navigation system. While it definitely improves on the initial implementation in Android 9 Pie, some users may not be completely sold on it yet. Some might even find it physically difficult to swipe and swipe and hold around. Pixel 4 owners, however, may not have much choice, that is they … Continue reading

Google Maps narrows Waze gap with broader incident reporting

Google Maps keeps borrowing features from Waze, and latest to be bundling into the navigation software is an easy way to report road hazards and other events directly from the iPhone app. The new feature allows Google Maps users on iOS to report crashes they pass, along with speed traps and traffic slowdowns, straight from their phone. That’s something Android … Continue reading