Google didn’t remove photos of Clinton and Epstein that never existed

As the entity with the biggest influence on what we discover on the Internet, Google is seen both as custodian and also censor of the Wide Wild Web. The latter is an especially thorny subject when it comes to political topics, with the search giant accused of favoring either left or right wing agendas. One of the latest controversies involves … Continue reading

Google Images makes it easier to share the GIF to express yourself

Once the bane of the Web and proper web design, GIFs, specifically animated GIFs, have not only returned but also became the Internet’s darling. These short, looping animated clips are often used to comically express sentiments and reactions in ways emojis and even stickers could not. Unless you keep a library of such GIFs categorized by emotion or reaction, searching … Continue reading

Google Android app beta makes it easier to share search results

Many of us have likely found ourselves involved in an online debate where someone drops two oft-heard words: “Google it.” There are already a few ways to share search results, such as Let Me Google that for You, which delivers search result steeped in condescension. If you don’t want to be so heavy handed in your approach to sharing search … Continue reading

Google just vowed to cite sources on song lyric listings

Google is currently the subject of allegations of lyric-lifting by the song lyrics site Genius. The folks at Genius suggested that the work they’d put into transcribing and/or attaining song lyrics from artists was essentially copied and pasted by Google in a “Knowledge Panels” feature in Google Search. Google responded once yesterday and again today with similar information on the … Continue reading

Google Search under fire for allegedly lifting lyrics

Google often extols how its ever-growing number of Search features make it easier for users to immediately see the answers they’re looking for. Business and site owners, however, are sometimes left shaking their heads every such new feature is announced. Some dread the loss of click-throughs to their sites. Others, like lyrics site Genius, are up in arms over how … Continue reading

Google Search mobile-first indexing just made desktop second-class

Mobile-First Indexing by default is the new way of things at Google Search. This won’t come as a surprise to those that’ve been watching the throne – Google’s been headed toward this day for a long time. But today’s the day. Today is when the official Googlebot army begins indexing new webpages with a mobile-first approach. Mobile-first indexing is set … Continue reading

Google Search, Maps, and Assistant now all help you find food delivery

Finding something to eat is difficult enough without having to browse through the various services that would like to deliver it to you. There are a lot of them these days too, so Google is trying to streamline the food delivery process by surfacing new features in Search, Maps, and Assistant when you look for food, hopefully decreasing the time … Continue reading