Project xCloud adds big-name studios as next-gen Xbox tech gets interesting

We still don’t know a ton about Project xCloud – Microsoft’s push into game streaming – but today, the company pulled the veil back just a little bit further. Microsoft delivered what is essentially a development update on Project xCloud today, announcing that it has deployed Project xCloud blades to datacenters in 13 Azure regions. That probably doesn’t mean a … Continue reading

Telltale’s entire game catalog is about to disappear from GOG

Last year, Telltale games closed its doors for good. It was a sad end to a studio that had persisted in the games industry for 14 years, building a name for itself with episodic adventure games based on big-name licenses. Now, nearly eight months after the company went defunct, GOG has announced that it will soon be removing all remaining … Continue reading

Apex Legends strategy is failing: Can the game survive?

When it was released in February, Apex Legends impressed pretty much everyone with its explosive popularity. Now, it seems, that popularity may have fallen off significantly. Though Respawn and EA don’t talk specifics when it comes to player count and total playing spending, new insights from SuperData are suggesting that Apex Legends is on a very steep downward trend. If … Continue reading

Playdate is a game system with a b&w screen and a crank. Shut up and take my money!

NEWS – Do I consider myself a gamer? Heck no! The most exciting gaming that I’ve done lately has been a rousing game of Words With Friends on my phone. #Sad. That doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate when something new and interesting comes along and the Playdate certainly looks interesting.

Playdate is a handheld gaming system from Panic, a company who has been making macOS and iOS software for 20 years. The device features a hi-resolution 400 x 270 pixel 2.7-inch black and white display, a traditional D-pad controller, and a crank. Yes, a crank! The crank is an analog controller that looks wonky as heck but that’s what makes the Playdate interesting. How the heck will it work and what will the games be like?

It looks cool as heck and I want one right now! But unfortunately, Playdate isn’t available yet. We won’t be able to get our hands on one until 2020. ARGH! But when it is available, it will set you back $149 and you’ll receive a new game for it at no extra charge each week for 12 weeks. Want to know more? Head over to the site and sign up to be notified when the device is available

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Playdate is a game system with a b&w screen and a crank. Shut up and take my money! originally appeared on The Gadgeteer on May 24, 2019 at 8:00 am.

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Panic Playdate console’s games are the most fascinating feature

On Wednesday, May 22, Panic revealed one of the most interesting handheld game consoles we’ve seen in years, the Playdate. This small device, which looks somewhat like a Game Boy crossed with an iPod Nano, will offer players mobile access to unique games utilizing the device’s hand crank ‘joystick.’ Each game will be made available as part of a ‘season … Continue reading

Playdate looks to the past to reimagine the handheld (and hand-cranked) console of the future

The crank-handle of the Playdate handheld games console in action

Oregon-based software developer Panic is getting into the hardware game with a handheld game console that features a hand crank. Called Playdate, it looks like a Gameboy made for (or by) a Minion, doesn't have a color screen, receives new games weekly like a TV show and, yes, there's a weird mechanical handle on the side – but not for power.

.. Continue Reading Playdate looks to the past to reimagine the handheld (and hand-cranked) console of the future

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Fortnite Polar Peak activity hints at anticipated dragon uprising

Questions remain over Epic’s dragon plans for battle royale hit Fortnite. The company heavily teased the presence of these large, mythical beasts during Season 8, including the presence of dragon eggs in the volcano and a final Battle Pass skin with dragon themes. The end of Season 8 arrived without any dragon activity, but it looks like things are about … Continue reading