Faceoff Deluxe+ Switch controller with 3.5mm audio jack arrives July 22

PDP’s Faceoff Deluxe+ wired controller for Nintendo Switch will arrive on July 22, the company has announced. Unlike most competing products, the Faceoff Deluxe+ features a built-in headphone jack for voice chat, enabling users to easily talk with friends while playing Fortnite and certain other games. The model was first revealed in April, but availability and pricing details weren’t available … Continue reading

Apex Legends gives cheaters a taste of their own medicine

Most popular, competitive games will have some degree of cheating, and if the title in question is a free-to-play one, the problem can become rampant. That’s certainly been the case in Apex Legends, but as Respawn Entertainment fights its unending war against cheaters and cheat makers, it’s been keeping us abreast of its efforts. As it turns out, Respawn has … Continue reading

Microsoft is shutting down its internet board and card games

Microsoft has already given users of older Windows versions some not-so-subtle hints that it's time to move on. Now, it's giving them more of a push by removing things dear to their hearts: their board and card games. The software giant is shutting...

Fortnite’s massive robot grows, hinting at season 9 finale

In recent weeks, Fortnite‘s Pressure Plant (the new destination inside of the volcanic crater) opened to reveal the previously leaked Robot Factory. Though the opening didn’t do anything significant at the time, players were presented with the legs of a huge robot currently under construction. As of the most recent update, the robot is almost complete. The Robot Factory is … Continue reading

Overwatch will automatically end matches when it detects cheaters

Blizzard plans to take its anti-cheating efforts to a new level and will start automatically ending matches where a cheater is detected. The change was revealed in Blizzard’s July 2019 developer update, where the game’s director Jeff Kaplan explained how the new anti-cheating effort will work. Though game matches will automatically end, regular players who weren’t cheating won’t be penalized. … Continue reading

Blizzard will shut down ‘Overwatch’ matches when it spots cheating

Blizzard thinks it has a straightforward way to prevent Overwatch cheaters from wrecking others' matches: bring those matches to a screeching halt. As part of a developer update, Game Director Jeff Kaplan has revealed that Blizzard will automaticall...