At long last, Fortnite’s BRUTE mechs have been nerfed

If there’s been a running theme to Fortnite season X so far, it’s been “everybody hates the BRUTE mechs.” While you’d be hard pressed to find someone who’d complain about rideable mechs in general, the way BRUTEs have been implemented has led players to complain that they’re oppressively overpowered. Epic has tried to tweak the BRUTE at various points throughout … Continue reading

Fortnite ‘Career’ player stats disabled: Here’s what we know

Fortnite players are able to monitor their game performance throughout entire game seasons using the ‘Career’ page on their game account. This page lists the number of matches the player has participated in, how many of these they have won, the times they came in one of the top slots, and more. Epic has temporarily disabled these pages, setting all … Continue reading

Fortnite v10.10 patch notes have an answer to BRUTE mechs

Ever since Fortnite season X released, players have been frustrated to no end by the game’s BRUTE mechs. These mechs are season X’s new vehicles, and while they’re pretty spiffy looking, they’re also quite overpowered according to many in the Fortnite community. Though BRUTE mechs have gone through a number of changes since the season released, players are still unhappy … Continue reading

The latest ‘Fortnite’ weapon lets you drop heavy stuff on opponents’ heads

Epic has another way to battle Fortnite's hated newcomer, giant mechs. Sure, the two-player B.R.U.T.E. mechs have 1,000 health, can travel hundreds of in-game meters in a few seconds and can blast you with rockets or stomp on you. But now, regular pl...

Fortnite’s first tournament with BRUTE mech suits starts tomorrow

Tomorrow will be the first official day of Epic Games’ latest competition series, the Fortnite Champion Series. The game has had a number of controversies related to past tournaments, including the overpowered Infinity Blade that enabled players to absolutely slaughter their opponents. This weekend’s event will likely prove more controversial, however, because it’ll be the first round of competitive matches … Continue reading