Disney CEO Bob Iger resigns from Apple board ahead of TV+ launch

Bob Iger, the long-time Disney CEO, has resigned from Apple's board of directors. Apple made the announcement on Friday in an SEC filing, where it revealed that Iger stepped down on September 10th -- which happens to be the day the company shared lau...

Disney+ on Android launches early for the Netherlands

At long last, Disney finally announced its long-rumored video streaming service to rival Netflix and other VOD businesses last month. It’s still quite a while before it formally launches to initial markets, which leaves plenty of time for more tidbits to fall from the rumor grapevine. Pretty soon, however, we can get first-hand information as the app has reportedly launched … Continue reading

Comcast sues Maine over a law requiring a-la-carte cable offerings

Cord cutting may seem like the new norm, but plenty of people still pay for cable TV. That doesn't mean they're happy with it though. This summer, in response to complaints that customers had to purchase an entire cable package just to watch one or t...

Apple can make TV+ ubiquitous through brute force

Apple CEO Tim Cook didn't waste any time at the company's 2019 iPhone event. One of the first announcements he made was that Apple's highly anticipated video streaming service, Apple TV+, will launch November 1st for $4.99 a month. Since introducing...

Is Disney+ worth it? Things to consider before subscribing

Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime are all bracing themselves for an incoming storm. That storm is Disney Plus, an upcoming streaming that’s sure to shake the market. Launching 12 Nov in the U.S., Disney’s take on Netflix launches with a massive catalogue of films and channels, at a competitive price that’s sure to tempt you into cancelling your other accounts. … Continue reading

Coca-Cola Star Wars: Galaxy Edge’s “detonator” bottles banned by TSA

It’s not out of place for brands to try to ride on some hype to advertise their products and, of course, get some extra sales. Sometimes, those marketing attempts are genius and sometimes you can’t help but go “WTF!”. Coca-Cola’s and Disney’s latest Star Wars collaboration stands somewhere near the latter. The two have made a very convincing replica of … Continue reading

Get Disney+ for $4 per month, if you buy three years upfront

For a limited time, Disney is offering a steep discount on its Disney+ streaming service. When it launches on November 12th, Disney+ is set to cost $6.99 per month, with an option to pay $69.99 for the year. But if users are willing to sign up for th...