Why Microsoft’s answer to a folding screen works better

This is the way to do it. Microsoft has been hard at work this year, unveiling a long list of new products, including a pair of folding devices: the Surface Neo and Surface Duo. Both these devices have two screens connected with a hinge that can fold a full 360 degrees. The Surface Neo is a folding tablet that Microsoft … Continue reading

Every brand has “true wireless” earbuds now: what are the important differences?

It seems like every other tech brand is developing its own “true” wireless earbuds. Since the success of Apple AirPods, companies have quickly jumped on board the bandwagon, offering their renditions of these tiny audio devices, housed in a small charging case. These include Microsoft Surface Earbuds, Samsung Galaxy Buds, Xiaomi Mi Airs and other manufacturers with their answer to … Continue reading

Google isn’t giving up on Android TV

Google may not have won the living room yet, but it isn’t ready to call time on Android TV. As the Google Assistant continues its spread through smart speakers and, more recently, smart displays, it’s the biggest screen that the search giant has set its sights on. Now, fresh research shows just how important the TV is – and where … Continue reading

macOS Catalina is less buggy than iOS 13 but has a different problem

This year might end up being unkind to Apple’s software if the past few days continue their trend. iOS 13, one of Apple’s most monumental releases for its mobile platform, has had three emergency releases in just a week to quickly patch up critical security bugs. macOS Catalina, an equally big release, was pushed back later than initially promised. The … Continue reading

Smart glasses are back: What’s new this time?

Smart glasses have been on adverts, movies and the news for decades now. From Google Glass way back in 2012, to Peter Parker’s EDITH spectacles, we’ve seen why there’s certainly a place for tech like this in our world. These technologically enhanced spectacles come with all sorts of tricks up its sleeve, from inbuilt sensors and cameras. Most also have … Continue reading

Explainer: Uber, Lyft, WeWork – Why are these tech companies losing money?

Rising tech companies like Uber and WeWork have been on the news lately, but not for reasons they would have anticipated at the start of the year. What was meant to be a record-setting year for tech companies listed on the stock market has led to major disappointment, with many of these big names losing up to half of their … Continue reading

Microsoft needs Windows to succeed on ARM

Microsoft’s big 2019 event is just a few hours away and, thanks to some leaks, there are a lot of expectations coming into the Surface press conference. Even if it doesn’t announce the fabled dual-screen Surface, a.k.a. codename “Centaurus”, Microsoft will still make headlines if it does announce an ARM-powered Surface 2-in-1 tablet. This will hardly be Microsoft’s first dance … Continue reading