Amazon tests video games for bored warehouse workers

Amazon is attempting to make warehouse work’fun’ via the launch of video games for employees. The games are described as an experiment tied to each worker’s performance, rewarding them with points and/or progress whenever they retrieve a product and fulfill an order. The games are optional for warehouse workers, and are currently only available in ‘a handful’ of facilities. Details … Continue reading

Future DJI consumer drones will have built-in tech to avoid airplanes

Select future DJI drones will feature built-in technology that helps them avoid potential collisions with airplanes and helicopters. The company announced its intention to offer this technology on Wednesday, stating that it will be available on all drones that weigh more than 250 grams released after January 1, 2020. Key to the new feature will be AirSense, a technology that … Continue reading

Arm to suspend business ties with Huawei

The sky has been falling recently for Huawei, the Chinese tech firm that has been accused of having ties to the Chinese government. The U.S. government has been urging companies to stop working with Huawei, and recently, Google announced that it would pull Huawei’s Android license. It later backed off that and gave the Chinese company a 90-day extension to … Continue reading

Uber Eats may soon offer an unlimited delivery subscription

Paying for delivery is so passé, and Uber Eats knows it. Like Postmates, DoorDash and the UK's Deliveroo, which all offer unlimited food delivery subscriptions, Uber is set to offer a monthly $9.99 pass that includes free delivery from any res...

Sony confirms diminished mobile presence in majority of markets

Up until now, we’ve only heard reports of Sony closing up shops in Southeast Asia and the Middle East to name a few markets. Traditionally, Sony has been pretty quiet about its mobile presence in regional markets and it seemed its secrecy will continue now that the business has been swallowed up by a larger Electronics Products & Solutions business. … Continue reading