The FDA hasn’t approved a peanut allergy treatment yet, but it’s close

The FDA has taken a major step toward approving Palforzia, a treatment for peanut allergy that may reduce both the number and severity of allergic reactions. The treatment, assuming it ultimately gets approval, would be for allergy sufferers ages 4 to 17 who have been diagnosed with peanut allergy. Palforzia is a biologic oral immunotherapy (OIT) that received Fast Track … Continue reading

Sling TV finally adds Safari support after nixing macOS app

Live streaming television service Sling TV used to offer a macOS app for accessing the service on a Mac computer, but things changed last year. Users were promised that in addition to its existing Chrome browser support, Sling TV would soon add support for Apple’s Safari browser, something that has finally arrived more than a year after the promise was … Continue reading

Google launches new tools for finding local addiction resources

Google has launched two new tools to help opioid addicts get help from nearby resources. The tools involve Google Maps, making it easier to find life-saving naloxone medication and to locate recovery centers that can help individuals get over their addiction. Both tools are free to access through Google’s newly launched Recover Together website, which doesn’t link searches for centers … Continue reading

Five Nights at Freddy’s AR arrives this fall: How to pre-register

Mobile horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s will arrive for augmented reality this fall. The hit game originally launched as an indie title in 2014, introducing players to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza shop and the animatronic robots that perform shows for guests. As players came to learn, these animatronic animals aren’t so entertaining for the store’s nighttime security guard. Five Nights … Continue reading

YouTube is discontinuing its TV interface for web browsers

YouTube offers a readily available television interface for people who access the service using an ordinary web browser. This interface is most commonly used by people who have a small computer, such as a PC stick or Linux box, hooked up to their TV as a substitute for a streaming device, but that’ll be changing in the near future. In … Continue reading

Epic gives first look at Fortnite X Uniqlo hoodies and shirts

In July, Epic Games announced a collaboration with Uniqlo USA for an upcoming line of clothing items designed for Fortnite fans. The new Fornite X Uniqlo line will feature a variety of clothing items, including hoodies and shirts, but Epic didn’t provide any samples of the upcoming products at that time. That changed today with a tweet from the company … Continue reading

DARPA seeks psychedelic drugs that don’t cause hallucinations

The government research agency DARPA has announced a new program called Focused Pharma that seeks drug innovations that offer the mental health benefits of psychedelics without the ‘significant side effects.’ The agency detailed its new program earlier this week, revealing that it has reviewed the growing body of private research on the potential benefits of psychedelics like LSD and psilocybin. … Continue reading

When to watch tonight’s Friday the 13th Harvest ‘micromoon’

Skygazers across the US will have the rare opportunity to view a ‘micromoon’ tonight, the earliest viewing times starting in the Pacific time zone with other following. The micromoon will happen on a notable date — Friday the 13th, making it a fun coincidence for most people. If you miss seeing the moon tonight, you won’t get the chance to … Continue reading