Health officials and CDC discussed no-fly list for measles patients

Officials at both the local and state levels consulted with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about putting some people who were potentially infected with measles on the Do Not Board list, it has been revealed. The discussions aimed to reduce measles exposure to unsuspecting travelers, some of whom may have been vulnerable to the infection. The talks … Continue reading

iPhone 11 feature leaks release for 2019 and 2020

The future of the iPhone is in flux, with predictions of some features appearing while others fade away. According to a report published today, we won’t see 5G in an iPhone in 2019, but we WILL see said feature in 2020. That means another year of waiting – maybe. It might also be that 5G changes the game for every … Continue reading

Inside the Transformers 35th Anniversary Celebration Box

This week the folks at Hasbro sent out a number of sizeable cardboard boxes to the media. These boxes contained large arrangements of toys – Transformers toys. It’s the 35th anniversary of the original release of Transformers into our collective conscious – and it’s apparently time to celebrate. This celebration is connected to the hashtag #morethanmeetstheeye, because of course it … Continue reading

NASA says car-sized meteor caused fireball over Australia

Earlier this week, Australian media reported that two different fireballs streaked over the nation’s southern skies, including one on Tuesday that resulted in a stunning flash of light. The event was recorded by a number of cameras throughout South Australia, revealing the brief presence of a glowing ball that, in some videos, appeared like a blue sphere across the horizon. … Continue reading

Your OnePlus 7 Pro may have a touchy issue

An issue appeared on a number of OnePlus 7 Pro units over the past week having to do with its touchscreen. Several users reported their OnePlus 7 Pro triggering its touchscreen in either the upper-right or upper-left of the display – without their finger. Does your OnePlus 7 Pro have an issue such as this? The Ghost Touch Issue The … Continue reading

Project xCloud adds big-name studios as next-gen Xbox tech gets interesting

We still don’t know a ton about Project xCloud – Microsoft’s push into game streaming – but today, the company pulled the veil back just a little bit further. Microsoft delivered what is essentially a development update on Project xCloud today, announcing that it has deployed Project xCloud blades to datacenters in 13 Azure regions. That probably doesn’t mean a … Continue reading

Watch Elon Musk’s Boring Company race a tunnel Tesla against LA traffic

Elon Musk’s Boring Company has run a race between a regular car and one of its LA tunnels, with the Top Gear-style challenge showing the potential speed improvements when you bypass road congestion. The video sees two Tesla Model 3 cars go head-to-head, one on a traditional road route while the other descends into a tunnel and accelerates up to … Continue reading

This new exoplanet takes us one step closer to finding alien life

A further 18 Earth-sized exoplanets have been spotted, hidden in NASA Kepler data, at least one of which could well support life researchers say. New algorithms were applied to data gathered by the Kepler Space Telescope, unlocking fresh discoveries despite the spacecraft itself being retired in 2018. Kepler’s mission was deceptively simple. Launched in early 2009, the orbiting space telescope … Continue reading