Google Play Store counterfeit apps are tarnishing Android’s credibility

Google never misses a chance to talk about improved security on Android and, to some extent Chrome, especially when it means talking about AI and machine learning to no end. News after news of malicious apps getting into Google Play Store, however, almost throws all of that out the window. Google Play Store is supposed to be Android’s most secure … Continue reading

Pixel 4 could finally have support for P3 wide-color image capture

For a couple of generations now, Android phones have dominated camera benchmarks like DxOMark. Google’s Pixel phones, in particular, have been praised for what they can pull off with just one camera and software where others require two or more. Despite those advancements, Apple’s iPhones have had one distinct advantage since 2016. That, however, may be a thing of the … Continue reading

postmarketOS now supports 139 abandoned phones and tablets

Android has the lion’s share of the smartphone market partly because of the wide variety of devices available and the wide range of prices they carry. There may also be one other factor influencing those numbers: early obsolescence of devices. Android phones are guaranteed two to three years of software updates and that is if they’re lucky. If you have … Continue reading

Chrome OS will show Android cloud storage apps in Files app

From the very beginning, Chrome OS and Chromebooks were envisioned to be cloud-centric, which is why the early models had very measly internal storage. It may have been a bit ahead of its time and Chromebook makers eventually crammed more gigabytes inside devices. Fast-forward a few years later, cloud storage has become a critical piece of modern workers’ lives and … Continue reading

Galaxy Note 10 won’t be affected by Galaxy Fold when and if it launches

The Galaxy Note 10 is expected to launch in less than two months but that isn’t the only Samsung phone that has yet to hit the markets. Now more than a month or two late, the ill-fated Galaxy Fold has yet to see the light of day on retail shelves. Word on the foldable phone’s launch have flip-flopped depending on … Continue reading

OPPO teases in-screen front camera for this week’s big event

“How can front cameras evolve when the full screen era comes?” That is the question that OPPO asked no one in particular over on Weibo. Over the years, it has tried different ways of answering that, from rotating cameras to elevating ones. This week, the Chinese OEM is going to attempt what is probably the most daring and riskiest design … Continue reading

Android on Nintendo Switch is more promising than you’d think

The Nintendo Switch arguably reignited the Japanese gaming company’s fortunes, but an Android port for the handheld could make it even more interesting. The Switch is no stranger to hacking – we’ve already seen it run Halo courtesy of a Linux emulator, for example – but Google’s smartphone and tablet OS could be the port that stands the biggest chance … Continue reading

Harry Potter Wizards Unite spell energy fix and iPhone error

Today there’s a fix in the mix for the first major issue in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. There’s a very apparent lack of spell energy in the world, and the issue is greater than that of the time when I could not catch that Snorlax because I could not find enough Pokeballs no matter how hard I tried – I … Continue reading