Opinion: Facebook voice assistant is a joke, it can barely protect its users

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice, you’re probably Facebook. The social media giant has rapidly overtaken Google as the poster child for privacy violations and it seems that the there is no end yet in sight to the revelations of either the company’s ineptitude to practice good security or its talent … Continue reading

SEGA Genesis Mini pre-orders kickoff with 10 more titles revealed

The mini retro console craze apparently hasn’t died just yet. The latest to jump on that train is SEGA who announced last month that it was making a Genesis Mini launching later this year. Like other console makers before it, like Nintendo and Sony, it’s revealing the console’s titles in waves of ten. Now it has dumped the second batch … Continue reading

Galaxy S10 Night Mode could give Samsung a small photography leg up

One of the most talked about trends in mobile photography is the so-called Night Mode. More than just low-light photography, this special mode often employed tricks to truly bring out details in the dark without increasing the noise. Samsung has recently jumped on that bandwagon but not yet in full. It is now taking one small step forward with an … Continue reading

Google starts asking Android users in Europe which browser they want

Android has always given users choice, Google says. To some extent that is true but most users seldom change the defaults that came with their phones. That’s the issue that the European Commission had with Google pre-installing its apps and services on Android phones. After losing that legal battle, Google is now rolling out an update that will give users … Continue reading

Facebook has been uploading users’ email contacts since 2016

One of Britney Spears’ earliest hit is almost comically appropriate here with some modification. Oops, Facebook did it again and, this time, it probably wouldn’t have admitted to it if it weren’t caught red-handed. Apparently, the social networking titan has been asking new users to enter not only their email address but also the password to said email address for … Continue reading

bsnes HD Mode 7 mod brings pixelated classics to the hi-def world

Putting aside legal considerations, gaming console emulators do a wonderful job of making old games accessible and playable on modern computers. Unfortunately, the game themselves weren’t designed with the future in mind and there’s only so much emulators can do to make their pixelated graphics work well with hi-res screens. That’s why this new mod for the bsnes SNES emulator … Continue reading

Galaxy Fold protective film critical to keeping screen intact

Some have been warning against going out to buy first-gen experimental devices because of potential problems that may surprise early adopters. But if you’re offered a free review unit, why not, right? That was definitely the case with some select personalities Samsung has chosen to become the first recipients of its Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone. Unfortunately for both Samsung and … Continue reading