Mikme Pocket promises to change the way you record with your phone

Most in the mobile industry today are obsessed with cameras and picture quality. That’s fine when you’re taking stills or even for barely audible videos. But when you need quality audio to go with your video, many resort to ginormous contraptions many times bigger than their smartphones. Mikme (pronounced as “mic me”) has been trying to revolutionize the audio landscape … Continue reading

Amazon Prime Day 2019 will last not one but two days

Amazon has undoubtedly changed the way we shop today, if not directly then indirectly by pushing the idea of online shopping to the masses. For better or for worse, Amazon has become as indispensable a brand as Google. And to celebrate its influence in our lives, Amazon has confirmed its fifth and biggest Prime Day shopping craze that will span … Continue reading

Pixel 4 could finally have support for P3 wide-color image capture

For a couple of generations now, Android phones have dominated camera benchmarks like DxOMark. Google’s Pixel phones, in particular, have been praised for what they can pull off with just one camera and software where others require two or more. Despite those advancements, Apple’s iPhones have had one distinct advantage since 2016. That, however, may be a thing of the … Continue reading

postmarketOS now supports 139 abandoned phones and tablets

Android has the lion’s share of the smartphone market partly because of the wide variety of devices available and the wide range of prices they carry. There may also be one other factor influencing those numbers: early obsolescence of devices. Android phones are guaranteed two to three years of software updates and that is if they’re lucky. If you have … Continue reading

Leica M-E (Typ 240) launched as a budget-friendly rangefinder

Contrary to popular notion, cameras haven’t gone extinct thanks to smartphones. Many have become cheaper while others have started to offer more features at the starting level. Others, however, continue to bank on their reputation and the quality expected from it and keep prices high, even for entry-level cameras. The new Leica M-E (Typ 240) tries to buck the latter … Continue reading

OPPO teases in-screen front camera for this week’s big event

“How can front cameras evolve when the full screen era comes?” That is the question that OPPO asked no one in particular over on Weibo. Over the years, it has tried different ways of answering that, from rotating cameras to elevating ones. This week, the Chinese OEM is going to attempt what is probably the most daring and riskiest design … Continue reading

Raspberry Pi 4 launches with more modern capabilities and features

The Raspberry Pi single board computer or SBC was originally designed to be used in education. That purpose formed its features and, most importantly, its price. Seven years later, however, the Raspberry Pi has grown to become one of the most popular and most loved computer by educators, hackers, and makers but it has more or less retained its relatively … Continue reading

Mars Curiosity detected high methane levels and scientists are excited

We take for granted a lot of gases here on Earth, including our precious oxygen. Even less so gases like methane, which is mostly a waste product of certain living organisms. But when you find unusually high levels of that substances in a planet bereft of life but believed to have once hosted life, it’s a pretty big deal. That’s … Continue reading