Rocketbook Fusion Review: adding structure to the hybrid notebook

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may have sparked questions on the long-term viability of the product line. The Galaxy Note is largely defined by its S Pen stylus, which may have already peaked at this point. Some, however, are not completely sold on that particular use case and would prefer the more traditional pen and paper method. … Continue reading

Eve V back-to-school offer sets the tone for V2 debut

The Eve V was ambitious and audacious when it challenged Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablets at offering value for price. It was, for all intents and purposes, a wild success and the startup was able to deliver on its promises. It wasn’t all fine and dandy, though, as users started complaining about unfulfilled orders. Eve Tech has since cleared the air … Continue reading

LG ThinQ app adds voice recognition to control and query smart appliances

Not too long ago, LG gathered all its smart products, both smartphones and SmartThinQ connected appliances, under a single “ThinQ” brand. It then added some association with Artificial Intelligence and connected with the likes of Amazon Alexa and, of course, Google Assistant. It then gathered all of those into a single ThinQ app that is now gaining the ability to … Continue reading

Nokia Android 10 roadmap includes affordable 5G phone

The big news in the Android world today has been the switch of release branding from letters and desserts to plain numbers. While it might not matter much just yet to actual phones, HMD Global is, perhaps unsurprisingly, jumping on the opportunity to layout its plans for updating its phones to the new Android 10. But while it has concretely … Continue reading

Lenovo Smart Clock has become a better Google Nest Hub rival

When Lenovo launched its Smart Clock early this year, it almost seemed like a perfect and more affordable alternative to Google’s own Hub, now Nest Hub, smart screen. In reality, it was just a few steps shy of achieving that distinction, lacking the last few features that would indeed make it a worthy contender. Those features have finally landed courtesy … Continue reading

Android gaming gets a boost with Honor GamePad, Xbox USB controller support

Before game streaming services like Google Stadia and Microsoft Project xCloud stole the spotlight, mobile gaming was the big thing in the tech industry, where anyone and everyone tries to make a big or at least quick buck from anyone will to pay for IAPs. Despite the proliferation of titles, mobile gaming, unlike their desktop or console counterparts, mobile gaming … Continue reading