OnePlus TV will also integrate with Amazon Alexa skills

OnePlus is launching its own smart TV, that much is already an established fact. What isn’t yet completely known is what form it will take, both in terms of hardware and software. The company has talked a lot about how the OnePlus TV practically takes Android TV to the next level, focusing on its very close relationship with Google. What … Continue reading

Huawei now sells MateBook laptops in China running Linux

Ever since Huawei was put on the US’ blacklist, the future of its products has been put into question. The company has more or less bragged about its self-sufficiency in terms of hardware components but software, especially mobile, is a different story. The company has been reportedly looking for alternative operating systems to put on its devices and it seems … Continue reading

Surface event teased by Panos Panay to reveal next thing for brand

Pending Google’s and Huawei’s announcements, the next big event waiting the tech world is Microsoft’s Surface event at the start of next month. While there’s not much solid evidence of what to expect, many of the rumors sounding like wishful thinking, most do expect that Microsoft will take the Surface brand to the next level. That does seem to be … Continue reading

LaCie Rugged SSDs help creators take their work anywhere and everywhere

Today’s technologies, both software and hardware, have made it easier to do work almost anywhere and everywhere and in almost any condition. Of course, when it comes to extreme conditions, you will need equipment that won’t easily break under pressure or even under water. That’s where rugged devices come in and LaCie’s three new SSDs make the perfect partners for … Continue reading

Windows 10 May 2020 will carry a better Cortana experience for more users

If you’re looking for new Windows 10 features to get excited about, you might want to look past this year’s second major update. Currently dubbed the 19H2 update based on when it’s expected to roll out, the next Windows 10 feature release will be a more somber affair, focusing on polish and stability to address the growing number of complaints … Continue reading

PlayGalaxy Link now available to stream Windows games to Galaxy Note 10

Game streaming is a hot topic among gamers but the unlikeliest of contenders is taking a different yet not so novel way towards that goal. Samsung doesn’t have much stake in that budding industry but it does have a vested interest in making its Galaxy phones the portal to that PC-on-mobile gaming experience. That is why it has partnered with … Continue reading

OnePlus will stop aggressively killing apps in the background

When OnePlus began its claim to Never Settle, it included a more vanilla Android experience in its promise. Over the years, it built its own identity with the Oxygen OS, mixing a near-vanilla Android with its own custom features. Unfortunately, one of those features involves a rather aggressive memory and battery management system that the company is now promising it … Continue reading