Report: Teen alcohol and cigarette use plummets, weed stays steady

Your highschool health teacher was right. There was only a small number of other kids in your school that actually, actively smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol. The most recent study of high school-aged students in the USA published by the CDC on the matter showed that alcohol and cigarette use was falling – while use of marijuana went up, then … Continue reading

AirTV Mini mixes Android TV, Sling TV, OTA channels in one device

The folks at AirTV are dead set on creating a television experience where everyone can have every single piece of programming available in the world, all at once. To do this, they’ve created the device “AirTV Mini”, a device that connects to your television’s HDMI port and connect with your OTA antenna and AirTV Wi-Fi-enabled network tuner. To make this … Continue reading

ASUS ROG Phone 2 beats Galaxy Note 10 to Qualcomm’s next big chip

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus will power the second edition of ASUS’ heavy-metal gaming phone, ASUS ROG Phone 2. What’s that mean for the gaming phone world? It means a whole lot, if you’re the sort of gamer that’s all about the newest and most powerful gaming hardware. According to ASUS, this will be the first phone in the world … Continue reading

FTC fines Facebook $5b, stock bolts upward

Yes, you read that right, Facebook stock just surged – upward – after the FTC announced that they’d sent a $5-billion fine to the company. That’s the biggest fine the FTC’s ever demanded of a tech company – but it’s the equivalent of next-to-nothing for the social networking site and mega-brand. Let’s do the math on this – Facebook made … Continue reading

Pokemon GO Guaranteed Shiny Eevee and over 1-million XP

What’s that, a guaranteed Shiny Eevee? There’s a way in which you’re going to get maximum experience points this week in Pokemon GO, and it’s got just a BIT to do with Armored Mewtwo. This newest Pokemon in the mix has the ability to bring one massive amount of EXP on its own, but with the combination of elements available … Continue reading

Amazon Prime Day is a dirty trick

It’s that time again, the “Amazon Prime Day” sale, the (two days) of the year when Amazon suggests it has its best deals of the year. Amazon will re-organize its front page to promote the products that companies agreed to push, and Amazon makes a boat-load of money. They’ll use every trick in the book to make it seem like … Continue reading

Cheapest Galaxy Note 10 still has two surprising pluses

This morning we were taking a look at our latest set of pre-release date Galaxy Note 10 details (read: rumors and tips) and happened upon a revelation. The future was right before our eyes, and it wasn’t even a feature that hadn’t popped up on a phone before. In fact, it’ll appear on the base model! The most basic future-proofing … Continue reading