iPhone 11 feature leaks release for 2019 and 2020

The future of the iPhone is in flux, with predictions of some features appearing while others fade away. According to a report published today, we won’t see 5G in an iPhone in 2019, but we WILL see said feature in 2020. That means another year of waiting – maybe. It might also be that 5G changes the game for every … Continue reading

Inside the Transformers 35th Anniversary Celebration Box

This week the folks at Hasbro sent out a number of sizeable cardboard boxes to the media. These boxes contained large arrangements of toys – Transformers toys. It’s the 35th anniversary of the original release of Transformers into our collective conscious – and it’s apparently time to celebrate. This celebration is connected to the hashtag #morethanmeetstheeye, because of course it … Continue reading

Your OnePlus 7 Pro may have a touchy issue

An issue appeared on a number of OnePlus 7 Pro units over the past week having to do with its touchscreen. Several users reported their OnePlus 7 Pro triggering its touchscreen in either the upper-right or upper-left of the display – without their finger. Does your OnePlus 7 Pro have an issue such as this? The Ghost Touch Issue The … Continue reading

Snapchat is not private, nor is it safe

This week a report cited multiple sources from Snapchat describing the non-private nature of the apps’ back end. Both iPhone (iOS) and Android versions of the app notwithstanding, Snapchat user data (including Snaps) are accessible with a tool called SnapLion. The SnapLion software is supposedly only accessible by Snapchat employees – but as the rules of the internet state: If … Continue reading

Hopsy SUB Compact Tap Review: Mini beer keg machine in effect

Over the last couple weeks we’ve had a Hopsy SUB Compact Tap on the review bench, and it’s been pouring. This machine is a “compact home draft appliance”, a machine that pours beer from miniature kegs. The kegs are delivered each month, and I would (if I’d actually subscribed) be sent six Mini-Kegs per month at approximately $15 USD a … Continue reading

NASA names first commercial partner for Artemis, Lunar Gateway

NASA’s latest announcement in their ongoing mission back toward the moon had to do with power. It was the group known as Maxar Technologies, formerly SSL, in Westminster, Colorado that was at the center of this announcement. It was Maxar that was announced to have won the contract to develop and demonstrate power, propulsion, and communications capabilities for NASA’s lunar … Continue reading

VR pants, shoes, gloves, and other things Sony has planned

Sony’s PlayStation VR system is well and away the easiest form of non-mobile virtual reality in the world at the moment. With the introduction of VR to the console world came the possibility that there’d be more than a couple splits in content – and usability. Interaction with the 3D content in a virtual reality, from your couch, in your … Continue reading