Disney reveals huge list of devices Disney+ will support at launch

Disney has revealed the long list of devices that its Disney+ streaming service will support when the platform launches in November. All of the expected devices will be supported, including Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and more, as well as some gaming consoles and mobile devices. One big streaming television platform is noticeably absent, however, without any details about when it’ll … Continue reading

Watch the Xbox Gamescom event in 14 minutes

Microsoft loves to use Gamescom as a vehicle for its post-E3 news, and it had plenty on offer for the 2019 event -- even for PlayStation fans. PUBG added cross-platform play that lets PS4 and Xbox One gamers vie against each other for the elus...

CBD supplements may go to waste when taken without certain foods

Some substances are fat-soluble, meaning they must be consumed with a glass of milk or some other fat for proper absorption. Other compounds, however, must be taken on an empty stomach or with food/beverages that do not contain fat in order to be absorbed. According to a new study, cannabidiol (CBD) supplements fall into the first category, meaning you’re probably … Continue reading

This is Google Stadia’s launch games list

Today we’re updating our big list of Google Stadia games to see how far Google’s gotten since they first launched “Project Stream.” This newest list includes the games announced at today’s Stadia Connect event. This list is a relative must-have game list for some, and a “that makes sense” sort of games list for others – either way, there are … Continue reading

Facebook pulls propaganda accounts demonizing Hong Kong protesters

It's not just Twitter cracking down on attempts to undermine Hong Kong protesters through social networks. Facebook has pulled seven Pages, five accounts and three Groups allegedly involved in "coordinated inauthentic behavior" meant to blast Hong Ko...

Google Duo rolls out night-friendly low light video call button

Google’s video chat app Google Duo just got a new feature for the dark. This update to the Google Duo app allows the person on the receiving end of a call with a person in the dark to lighten up the situation. This feature is meant to tackle what Google suggested was “one particular condition” they saw people struggle with … Continue reading