Cancer study has bad news for people who drink soda

Sugar is one of the most common elements in the average Western diet — it can be found in obviously sugary snacks, but also in products one wouldn’t guess contain high amounts of sugar, such as certain breads and savory sauces. Sweet drinks are arguably the most common way many people consume large quantities of sugar, both juice and soda … Continue reading

YouTube offers tiered membership levels to boost creators’ revenue

Last year, YouTube took to the VidCon stage to share new ways creators could make money. This year, YouTube returned with updates to those programs. For starters, it's adding new Channel Membership levels. Since last year, fans have been able to pay...

Fortnite may be banned in another country over ‘negative impacts’

The battle royale genre is the biggest thing in video games right now, the biggest titles at this time being PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Apex Legends, and Fortnite. The tiny nation of Jordan recently banned PUBG, the first battle royale game to catch on in a big way, and now it has announced plans to ban another six games, Fortnite among them. … Continue reading

VAIO SX12 ultrabook packs every port you’ll ever need

VAIO has introduced an incredibly slim, lightweight 12.5-inch laptop that, despite its ultrabook design, features just about every port you’re likely to need in various usage scenarios. The VAIO SX12 has a full-size keyboard, weighs less than 2lbs, and comes with the promise of ‘full performance’ despite the slim notebook design. The VAIO SX12 is designed for portability — the … Continue reading

Your next 3 iPhones

This week a pair of leaks and/or insider analysis reveals essentially made the case for Apple’s next several major iPhone releases. What’s different about these bits of information from the normal day-to-day leak is their relative un-interesting nature. The tipped iPhone changes don’t seem very far-fetched, and not particularly world-shaking in the grand scheme of things – which makes them … Continue reading

Laser tech is set to measure earthquake damage to buildings

A diagram illustrating how the Discrete Diode Position Sensor works

How safe would you feel, going back into a multi-story building that had just been through an earthquake? A new sensor system could allay your fears, as it optically measures how much a building has swayed, and thus how damaged it may be.

.. Continue Reading Laser tech is set to measure earthquake damage to buildings

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Harley-Davidson offers free charging for its electric motorcycle

Harley-Davidson's first electric motorcycle will soon hit the roads, and while the LiveWire will have a longer range than first expected, at 140 miles of city driving on a single charge, you'll still need to hook it up to a charger once in a while. T...