Lenovo ThinkPad T490s Review: Slimmer than ever, X1 Carbon aesthetic

Lenovo’s T-Series is back with a new update: the ThinkPad T490s. This model brings the classic ThinkPad design that has proven so popular over the years, combining it with an aesthetic similar to the older X1 Carbon models. The new T-Series offering falls between the T490 and T590, offering the slimmest and lightest design of all T-Series models. The T490s … Continue reading

China’s Alipay will add beauty filters when you pay with your face

We all know how startling it can be to accidentally open a front-facing camera and find your own unassuming face looking back at you. Now, imagine if you saw that image every time you made a purchase. In China, Alibaba's e-wallet affiliate Alipay wil...

At BMW NEXTgen 2019 the Ultimate Driving Machine faces the future

You can think of #NEXTGen as BMW’s very own auto show. After all, why share the spotlight when you’re not only showing off your latest production cars – notably the gorgeous new 8 Series Gran Coupe, with four proper doors, rear-wheel-drive or rear-biased AWD, and an available inline-six or V8 engine – but explaining your vision of sustainable driving and … Continue reading

German tech may bring automatic landings to small airports

The team's modified Diamond DA42 aircraft uses the system to make an automatic landing

Big commercial aircraft are already routinely guided in for automatic landings at large airports, as their autopilot follows radio signals transmitted by ground-based antennas. Such auto-landings currently aren't possible at most small airports, although that could be about to change, thanks to a new German-designed system.

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Trollaby lets sleeping travellers lie – on the airport floor

The Trollaby is designed to work with the user's existing carry-on suitcase

If you're much of a world traveller, then you've probably experienced it – a several-hour airport layover during which you'd like to get some sleep, but without going off to a hotel. That's where the Trollaby is intended to come in, as it serves as a sort of bag-connected airport-floor tent.

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